How to Clean Glass Vases?

Comes with that crystal clear glass beauty is a daunting responsibility of keeping it that way. Watching those fresh-cut bold blue irises as its stems submerge the clean water in that beautify crystal clear flower vase is priceless. It is just so beautiful to watch. But take a day or two and your happy days are over. The minerals form a ring on the vase and the water becomes cloudy. It is time to change it with clean waters and before that is a clear glass vase. Also, always remember not to leave a single stain on it. It will ruin the beauty of the flower and the vase.

Simple Trick – Soap

Not to worry, our dear flower lovers, we are here to help you get through this nightmare. To start is to do the simplest trick of removing the stain that formed the ring on the glass vase. Soak it in warm water, which is soapy enough to create bubbles and then use a bottle brush to remove the stain inside. Be it known that it may really take a while and would require patience, but if it will still not work then let us proceed to our Plan B.

Use of Glass Cleaner Sprays

Of course, we got you covered. We will not just stop there and leave you hanging. That will be so rude on us after promising that we are here to help and get you through this nightmare. Yes, we are still with you on this. Now, let us do Plan B and we are going for some short grocery trip. Find a glass cleaner and choose the one with a spray to make our lives easier. Once you have it, then head back home, read the instructions and start doing what it says. After spraying the glass inside, wait for a couple of minutes and scrub the stain away.

Denture-Cleaning Tablets

In case a glass cleaner is a difficult option to make or a hard one to find nearby, then we give you alternatives. There are denture-cleaning tablets you can buy at the chemist or supermarkets also. It would not be a hard one to find because most chemists or supermarkets sell this one. Once you have the tablets, fill the vase with warm water a little bit over the ring caused by the mineral that formed it. After that, it is time to drop one or two tablets on the vase. Leave it for a couple of minutes and use a bottle brush to check if the stain can be scrubbed off already. Once done, your sparkling crystal clear glass vase is back.

Home Remedies

Do not think we will just leave you with those options. We have home remedies also which we know would be convenient for those who do not have enough time for grocery, chemist, or supermarkets. Your friends, colleagues or loved ones call you anytime and tell you that they are on their way to pay you a visit. Time is of the essence in these situations. And again, consider it handled.

  • Baking Soda and Vinegar

There are three home remedies we can provide and check if you have these at home. We would need a vinegar on this one, also some baking soda, a little bit of salt, and it would be nice also if you have uncooked rice at home. The first procedure is to use the baking soda together with some vinegar. If you hate the smell of it, then using a mask would be an ideal option. Now, fill the vase with warm water and take at least a tablespoon full or two of baking soda. Drop it in the vase and add the vinegar, and wait until you can see some fizzing on the vase. That is the vinegar and baking soda doing the job for you. Now, get that bottlebrush and scrub the stains off the vase. Just make sure not to lean too close on the vase to prevent any splash into your eyes.

  • Vinegar and Salt Paste

One more procedure is the use of salt and vinegar. This time we will be making a paste out of these two items. Just mix half a tablespoon of salt in the vinegar to create a paste-like texture. Once you make the paste, then spread it all on the scummy mineral rings or deposits on the vase. Let it sit for about half an hour for best results, and when the time is up, then scrub it off from the vase.

  • Uncooked Rice and Vinegar

And lastly, prepare the uncooked rice, vinegar, and soapy warm water. Fill your glass vase with soapy warm water, then add the vinegar about a tablespoon or two. Once done, take a handful of uncooked rice and put it in the vase. If the opening of the vase is small, you can cover it with your palm, or if big then look for something that would cover it.  Swirl the vase or dance your way through it. In doing so, the rice scrapes away whatever is inside your vase. After that, leave it like that overnight and your vase will be clean the next day.

These remedies can also be used in cleaning the outside part of the glass vase, and with the use of the bottle brush, vases with small openings will not be that difficult to clean also. There you have it, folks. We hope your nightmare is gone now, and we hope that your sparkling crystal clear glass vase is back again. Now, cut those fresh Iris flowers and let its stems submerge inside that crystal clear vase again.

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