Singapore Religion and Funeral Rituals: Do you Send Flowers to a Christian Funeral?

No other culture is familiar with the tradition of sending funeral flowers than Christians. It is widely an acceptable norm that people do when they pay visits to the funeral of a loved one or someone they are acquainted. Though some cultures make this norm a difficult thing to do, Christians would be so overwhelmed to receive those flowers in one of their funerals. Make this the easiest thing you can do in giving comfort and support to the bereaved family. You can easily do this with any local florist near you.

How Christian Go About Their Funerals?

Christians have this belief of an afterlife. That a person’s life on earth is only temporary and the soul lives on after it departs the physical body. In case you have not visited their funerals yet, expect that in there will be numerous prayers and preaches about heaven and hell. Though death could be really hurtful, Christians believe in the idea that the soul of their loved one after its death will finally live on forever within the gates of heaven. It is founded mostly on that hope. They believe that by doing the righteous things on earth is your only ticket to heaven.

blue iris and yellow sunflower casket sprays for a manHow long does it take?

Since it is okay for them to embalm the body of the deceased, their funerals may take weeks and in some cases a month. This is entirely up to the bereaved family. These funerals serve as wake and for viewing. Once this begins, visitors usually come and go to the funeral for viewing and extending one’s condolences to the bereaved family. People who want to pay their respects to the deceased are welcome to go into these funerals.

Where it is held?

There are locations where their funerals are done. It could in a church, funeral home, or in their homes. Again, this is with respect to the preferences of the bereaved family. And once the wake is over, there is a short burial service that Christians follow. On the gravesite, Christians again bid their last goodbyes to their loved ones and offer prayers again for the deceased’s soul be saved and be brought to heaven.

Is cremation allowed?

Christians do not prohibit this norm. This is a choice which that the deceased while still alive either wishes or a tradition which the family observes for years. When cremation is done, they place its ashes on a special container and there they provide funeral service.

Is sending funeral flowers appropriate on Christian funerals?

Amongst all other religions, Christians are the loudest believers in the norm of sending flowers to a funeral. To them, this is their way of expressing their condolence and respect to the deceased. Flowers of different colors and types are believed to have different meanings. White-colored flowers are the most common. White to mean purity of the soul as it crosses to the afterlife. These flowers are just the best comforters one can hand to a bereaved family. It is a thoughtful gesture that most Christians would appreciate particularly during these kinds of situations. It comforts those who grieve and tells them that the soul of the deceased lives on.

How do you know if the flowers are appropriate for this type of occasion?

There is no better way of doing this than asking your florist as to how this is done. There is a lot of florists everywhere already that are experienced to handle this kind of situation. If you remain unsure as to how this is done, your florists are just the best in handling it.

What flower arrangements are appropriate for this?

This also becomes very important in situations where you have not known it yet that there are certain flower arrangements that are reserved for a particular group of people. Make sure to tell your florist about this in order for you to send the most appropriate flower to the funeral.

Immediate Family

Know that the spouse, children, siblings, and parents of the deceased are the most important persons during Christian funerals. They are the ones who are greatly affected by the loss. It is their loved one that they will bury and not yours. With that, there is more reason why there seem certain flower arrangements reserved for them only. That flower arrangement is the casket spray. If you do not fall to any on what we mentioned, avoid bringing this flower arrangement in their funeral.

Extended Family

Friends and relatives also play an important role during these times. They are the main source of support that a bereaved family depends. To know a relative having departed from the earth can also be hurtful. Make sure that if this happens to you, visit your relatives and give them some flowers to comfort their feelings. Funeral standing sprays are the most popular ones for this group of people.

Peers and Colleagues

Then there are the peers and colleagues of the deceased. Be it closed to them or not, but to pay respect to the deceased is one of the most wonderful things to do whenever someone from your organization or circle dies. To let the bereaved family know that you are also there for them in those difficult times is a very heartwarming gesture. Standing spays and wreaths are your best options to send. Potted plants also fall as an option available to take. This is for reasons to remind the bereaved family that all the memories with the deceased lives on and life must go on despite their loss.

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