How to Dry and Press Flowers

Flowers are nature’s work of art. It provides a lot of emotions to people. In funerals, for example, they bring a colorful vibe on that sorrowful occasion. On birthdays, they make it even more special and promotes happiness to people. They bring sentimental value to people. Flowers can also be used as decorations to add more ambiance to an ordinary house. But no matter how much you want to keep them alive forever, at some point they will die and lose their radiance. But even if flowers wilt, they can still be useful. There are a lot of ways that you can still use them. One of those is drying or pressing them. In this kind of method, you are preserving their natural beauty. But how do you really dry and press flowers?

There are a lot of ways to dry flowers. But the most common way is by air drying them. It easy and simple. Find a spot at your home where it is dry and warm. This is important because the lack of ventilation and access to sunlight will help dry the flowers faster. You just remove the unwanted leaves. Then tie the flowers together using yarn or ribbon. Make sure you use a soft material in tying the flowers to prevent them from any damage or deformity. Then hang the flowers upside down. It will take about two to four weeks before the flowers are dried up. Make sure to check the flowers every 2 to 3 days. An online florist advised that you can opt to store the dried flowers in a tight and sealed container.

If you want a faster way of drying flowers, you can microwave them. You will be needing a microwaveable container and a silica gel. Put an inch or two of silica gel at the bottom of the container. Then place the flowers up in the gel and add about an inch of gel. Make sure to set the microwave oven just above the defrost for 2 to 5 minutes. The heat will depend on what type of flower you are drying. If you are drying flowers that are rough and big, increase the heat if needed. Always check the progress off the flowers if they are starting to dry. Don’t over dry them as this will only brittle the flowers. Once you have noticed that the flowers are already dry, remove the container from the microwave and immediately put a cover on the container. But leave the cover slightly opened and let the flowers sit there for about 24 hours. After it, brush the gel off to clean the petals. But if you do not have time to dry your flowers, you can buy from flower delivery a dried flower that you can use as decorations or ornaments at home.

If you want to press your flowers, the most important thing that you have to remember is that the flowers should be fresh. If you just picked the flowers from your garden and you can’t press them right away, store them inside a ziplock bag and refrigerate it immediately. Best florist Singapore has a lot of varieties of fresh flowers that you can choose from. They also offer same day flower delivery to make sure that it’s fresh when it reaches your doorstep.

Now if you are ready to press them, hold them under the water after cutting to allow the water to be absorbed. Then re-cut the stems at a 45-degree angle. Place the leaves in a vase then remove the excess leaves below the waterline of the vase. Set them aside in a cool and ventilated place out of direct sunlight.

So once you are done preparing the flowers, it is now time to prepare the materials that you are going to use. Take out some of your old newspapers at home, together with a tissue, cardboard, a heavy book, and a large rock or brick. The size of the cardboard and tissue must be the same size as your book. First, set out the cardboard and lay a piece of newspaper on top of it. Then on top of the newspaper, lay a piece of tissue paper. Then lay the flowers on top of the tissue paper. Make sure the flowers don’t overlap each other. Place another piece of tissue paper on the flowers, then the newspaper, and then the cardboard. Continue this process until all the flowers are prepared. Once you are done stacking them, place a heavy book first, then the brick or stone on top of it. This process will usually take 2 to 4 weeks.

Even if flowers wilt, they can still be useful especially if you are the type of person who likes to hoard memories. You can dry and press them and decorate it at home to keep its memory forever in you. Plus, having flowers at home has benefits like it increases happiness and reduces anxiety and depression. You just have to be creative. But always remember that the flowers have to be fresh as much as possible before you dry and press them so that it will not lose its natural radiance. Best florist Singapore offers ready-made pressed flowers that you can use as your decoration at home or give as gifts as your loved ones instead of giving a fresh hand bouquet.

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