The Meaning of Red Roses


There is hardly anyone who has not been hit by the pure force of nature of the red rose in one way or the other. This is because the meanings of red roses are always conveyed in one form or the other; words, pictures, illustrations, history, just to name a few.

It is necessary to elaborate on the meanings of red roses in this article, because of their cultural, social, educational, and biological importance. Without doubt, of all the roses, the red rose excels the most because of its beauty, majesty, and popularity. They have formed the theme used for some of the greatest pieces of literature ever written. Remember how Cleopatra made use of the red rose by lining it up in the form of a carpet, all over her bedroom, to receive Anthony.

We see similar displays of affection with the red rose almost every time. They are ideal for any occasion, and would always be the standard for other flowers. Red roses convey several meanings depending on the situation used, the recipient, and the cultural nature.

The Meanings of Red Roses

The red rose has meaning meanings, but the most common and popular meanings are:

  • Love and affection: Obviously the first thing that comes to mind, the red roses has always been associated with the deepest form of love. Red roses directly say “I love you.” Defining the 18th century and Victorian era, the red rose has stood the test of time and had its most important meaning still very much preserved.

From being secretly given to lovers, to now being an emblem for all to see. The red rose preaches that true love can withstand any adversity or persecution that might come its way. There is no greater way to express love both traditionally and contemporarily than adding a red rose to the occasion.

  • Passion and Desire: The red rose ignites the flames of a hot romance and pure hedonism. For a young, sprouting love, red roses serve to tender the buds, and water what would become the ultimate expression of love. You can easily derive its meaning from the colour. Red is a colour that cannot be hidden, it stands out and will always be expressed as an embodiment of a potential energy store of innate desires.
  • Power and Courage: This has been represented in the war of roses. The courage to fight for what you love, what you desire, is transmitted by red roses. Over the years, the ability to give out a hand bouquet of red roses, shows a bold statement of intent. It only takes courage to do so. Red roses are powerful.
  • Health and strength: A red rose given to someone convalescing or recovering from an illness, would help the person to recover quickly. This is how soothing the red rose can be. Having the strength to overcome any obstacle, the red rose has succeeded in radiating this warmth to both the recipient and the giver.
  • Innocence: A red rose bud shows a vibrant and youthful love. One that is immaculate and fresh. Here, the unopened bud of the rose revels in unassuming beauty that is to be appreciated in every bit. This innocence shows that purity is also an important component of the red rose.
  • Respect and Devotion: A red rose given to a partner, friend, or family member shows a level of commitment that is second to none. It shows them you respect them as persons and would always be loyal. When congratulating a loved one or family member for a job well done, consider giving them a red rose to appreciate them.
  • Domestic Bliss: In the context of marriage, a red rose signifies domestic bliss and an unending love; one that abides till the end of time. A love that has grown from time to time. A love that overcomes any form of boredom or overfamiliarity. A love that has everyone wondering how two people could live together in an enviable harmony. Red roses are very much ideal for a wedding |anniversary.

It never gets cliché or monotonous with red roses, just the same way it cannot be cliché for a human being to drink water. Communication with red roses has become the goal standard for conveying the aforementioned feelings above to special people.

Realizing the meanings of the red roses, helps you to effectively speak and share your feelings in the language of love.

It is important to know that the red colour has several shades and variety. Also, depending on the particular number that they come in, they have their own unique meanings. Each of these shades comes along with its own unique meaning.

Red roses have formed the basis of gifts to a lover ones at several occasions. From birthdays, bridal bouquet, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, to even spontaneous occasions just to appreciate the presence of a loved one in your life. With this, you can expect the price of this flower to greatly increase, due to the high demand during these periods.

A red rose is a must give, a must have, and a must revered flower for anyone who knows the true meaning of what it stands for, and all the benefits of it being exchanged and gifted to loved ones. Get a flower delivery of red roses from the collection today, and put a smile on someone’s face. Long live Red Roses!

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