How to Make Your Woman Feel Special for Valentine’s Day?

Do you want to make this Valentine’s Day truly unique for your lady love? Do you want to show her that you truly care and you are serious about the relationship? You might be bombarded by the overdose of flowers and chocolates around you in the days preceding Valentine’s Day, but there are always ways of impressing your lady love other than the done-to-death methods. Here are some ways in which you can add your personal touch to the arrangements and that is bound to make her feel special.


  • Go to the location where you first met: The obvious temptation would be to visit the finest places in town on this special day but you could start the day on the spot where you first met. That will show her that you remember the beginnings. This is also a great way to bring up and revisit fond memories and you are sure to have a good laugh about how awkward or funny the first meeting might have been. On the other hand, you could also visit the location of your first date.


  • Cook for her: Women love it when men cook for her and there is no better day than this to show off your culinary skills. You can book a seat at a fancy restaurant but this is so much better because it is so intimate. If you do not know how to cook, then even better! This would be a great way to put in all your efforts into making something delicious for her and it will show her how much you care. It will also present an image of solidarity and stability if you are looking forward to taking your relationship to the next level.


  • Go offline: This is perhaps the hardest thing to do on this list. Plugged-on and logged-in, that is what our life has become. Go a day without gadgets for her. It is said that Time is the best gift you can gift someone, so do that for her on this day. Do not check your work emails, do not respond to your social media handles- keep the day aside only for her and then shower all your attention in every possible way you know. When she sees you dedicating your day for her exclusively, that is sure to make her fall in love with you all over again.


  • Go for a Picnic: It is one of the sweetest things that both of you can do together. While courting, humans being, in general, have a tendency to put their best foot forward, and that usually involves going to expensive restaurants, fancy movie dates, and getaways to exotic locations. However, sometimes joy can be derived out of the simple things in life, and going on a picnic is one of them. Make sure you have all her favorite snacks hidden in the bottom of the picnic basket and she would never want to leave.


  • Write a Love Letter: As a generation, we are so engrossed in texting each other the entire day, that we have forgotten the importance of a well-written letter. Write a letter to her, and pour your heart out. Say the things you have always wanted to say but never had because you were too busy with your work. You can be sure that it would become a cherished keepsake for her. Put the letter by her head in the morning while she is still asleep, with a flower for the classic touch. She will spend the entire day beaming with joy.


  • Pamper her: Women have been socially conditioned in a manner in which they think they are supposed to be the care-givers. For a change, you can make this day an occasion for pampering her. Arrange for a salon visit, order her favorite food, put on her favorite shows on TV, or take her to the place where she loves to be the most. This is not just a way of showing her that you care, but she will also know you have put enough thought to find out about her likes and dislikes.


  • Give her something beyond bouquets: If your beloved loves flowers (to be honest, who doesn’t?), then you can go a step further and choose something beyond a bouquet. Bouquets are great, but they are sure to perish after a point. The beautiful flowers will have to go away. Instead, why not gift her something more permanent? Gift her a potted plant instead. A sapling might look like a nondescript gift at first, but it is the thought that matters. It will signify permanence- that you want the love between both of you to grow along with the plant. If your lady loves you as much as you love her, she will appreciate the thought behind this wonderful gift just as well.


  • Surprise her with something that was once special to her: It would take some effort to make this work, but that is why it will be so, so special for her. Bring her something that she once loved but had lost it along the way as life got it busier. It could be a visit to a concert which she loved visiting as a child, or a book that was a favorite, or even a meeting with her long-lost childhood friend about whom she speaks a lot. Or, it could be some precious possession which she had but she had lost. Or maybe you could take her to someplace which she has always wanted to visit. You could track it down for her and the happiness on her face would be priceless.


Doing any of these things will show how much you truly care about the holistic well being of your lady-love and the amount of time and effort you are willing to put into the relationship. This will definitely become the foundation for something bigger in life for both of you.

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