Can You Refuse Flower Delivery?

Flowers are a beautiful gift to get excited at whenever the flower delivery arrives. Whether it is for birthday or anniversary or it is on Valentine’s Day, receiving flowers as a gift is a wonderful experience, especially when it comes from the person dear to you. Thinking that a professional florist personally handcrafted the design of the flower arrangement, it adds thrill to the gift. On the other hand, there are also times wherein the florist delivery is a failure, and all you have to do is to refuse it. When you see the flowers, not in the quality and condition you expect, you have the right to refuse it. Moreover, there is a law that protects customers from this untoward incident. According to the florist, there are instances to rightfully refuse a flower delivery. Check these out:

  • Late Delivery

There is nothing worse than having the flowers delivered late on a special occasion or event. If you are planning for a big surprise using magnificent flower bouquets and arrangements, and yet the flowers arrived late, refusing it could be one of your options. It is the florist’s responsibility to see to it that the flowers arrive on time even if it is the courier that handles the delivery. Whether you are the recipient or you are the one who sent the flowers, late delivery is a rightful reason to refuse and terminate the purchase. Based on law, you can even ask for a refund.

  • Poor Condition

Another reason why customers and even the recipients are disappointed with flowers, and with the florist delivery, is that they arrive in poor condition. Wilted and withered flowers are no longer attractive. It will not even bring a smile to the recipient’s face. If flowers arrive in unsatisfying condition, you have the right to refuse it. In fact, the one who sent the bouquet can even claim for refund. As stated under the Consumer Rights Act, customers have the right for a full refund for poor quality and unreliable service. However, the flower shop or the florist may require proofs and evidence. It is a good idea if you will take pictures of the flowers when they arrive. In addition to flowers, damaged and defective items that come with the bouquet should be refused.

  • Number of Flowers is Not Enough

Refusing to receive the hand bouquet is your option if you are expecting 2 dozens of Roses but the delivery came to a few stems lacking or short in quantity. Most of the cut flowers are priced per stem. If you paid for a bouquet with two dozen stems and the actual delivery came in with only one dozen, it is your right to refuse the delivery and refund the purchase. Moreover, if you are the recipient and you noticed that the flowers are not enough, let the person who sent the flowers to you know about it. He or she knows that the purchase is protected by the Sale of Goods Act which allows him, as the buyer, to claim for refund.

  • Flowers are Not Matched with the Description

It is a breach of contract when the flowers you ordered arrived in a different appearance, color, number of stems, and quality. You are protected by the Consumer Rights Act when this happens. You can refuse the flower delivery and claim for a refund as well. In case you do not know how the bouquet should appear upon delivery, consider your intuition. If you think there is a problem with it or that it does not look pleasing in the eyes, let the sender know about it right away. Again, it is important to take pictures of the flowers upon arrival so that you can have proof or evidence.

  • Flowers Sent Wrong to Your Address

You can refuse flower delivery if the florist delivered the bouquet on a mistake to your address. A small error as this can be a reason for disappointment in your part and in the part of the true recipient of the gift. It can be a possibility of mistyped information or the courier can’t trace the area where the flowers should land. As much as the florist delivers flowers with the best intentions, things like this may still happen.

  • Flowers that Convey Negative Meaning

There are rude people who use flowers to insult or distract a person. You can refuse a flower bouquet or any other flower arrangement that implies negative emotions. If you don’t want the bouquet because the meaning is too offensive, refusing it is the best thing to do. On the other hand, you do not have to blame the courier or the florist who made the arrangement because this untoward happening is not their fault.

  • Unknown Sender

You can refuse a flower delivery if the sender is unknown. If you are not comfortable with it, the bestway is to refuse the flowers.

Hand-delivered flowers are indeed wonderful. In fact, it can be the best gift you can have on holidays and special days. But when you don’t like the flowers that arrived or when you don’t know who sent it, you do not have to frown or fret because you can refuse the flower delivery. Know your rights as the customer and the laws that protect you whenever you are buying flowers and gift items. Full refunds can be claimed on flower purchases provided that the bases are strong. On the other hand, the florists may not refund the purchase if the recipient refused the flower delivery just because she does not like it.

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