When Is The Appropriate To Send Funeral Flowers?

When to Send Funeral Flowers?

Funerals are sad and can be very emotional. More reason for some not to go and avoid. This is because they are uncertain about what they can do to help resolve the situation. But to be honest, there is really nothing you can do except to help the family of the deceased get through the situation. You may be unfamiliar on the things you can do but one thing which most people do is to show respect to the dead and extend their sympathies to their families. One gesture to represent that is to send flowers. Cliché as it may sound but this gesture actually helps lift the mood of the grieving family and they are reminded that life must go on.

The Proper Funeral Etiquette to Observe

To know the proper funeral etiquette in handling the situation is very helpful to those who are not familiar with it yet. Your visit and words of support mean a lot. The comfort you can give will be much appreciated particularly in this difficult time. However, if the circumstances would not allow you to pay a visit then there are other things you can still do. That is to send condolence flowers to the grieving family. You can do it after hearing the sad news or even after the burial. The process of mourning is very difficult to handle with but with your help would make it easier.

The tradition of giving funeral flowers has been a long-standing one. Long ago, it served a purpose which would be something you cannot expect. They put flowers on funerals in order for the smell of the decaying body is warded off. But this has been taken differently today. People seemed to give flowers to pay respect to the dead and show their sympathy to the family who is left behind. Words of comfort are preferred as this would really mean a lot but sympathy flowers are expressions to know you are there to share the burden.

Will it be okay to send flowers to the grieving family?

To do this would be very wonderful. The way that would loudly and clearly express one’s deepest sympathy and is a trend which most people observe. There is no strict rule in observing this but to do it properly would really be the best thing you can do. By means of properly, we mean what and when to do this. What type of flowers will be appropriate and when will be the best time to do it.

In sending funeral flowers, make sure to ask your florists on what is appropriate to avoid sending the wrong message. There are various flower arrangements to choose from and a number of experienced florists are used to doing this. So there would be no reason to worry much as they will make it easy for you.

Are there other means to send sympathy?

Giving of flowers is just one of the many methods to do it. But also remember that before you do this act, the personal preference of the grieving family will also really matter. There are families that in lieu of giving flowers, they would appreciate it more if you give something to their chosen charity instead. Though flowers may mean strong emotional support for those who mourn and grieve, their preference is really favored. So in case you are planning to pay a visit to a funeral, make sure to ask around if there are preferences which the family wishes.

How to make the gesture more special?

There are ways to make it special. One is to ask your florist to match the arrangement with the personality of the deceased. Different floral arrangements for different persons can be done. You just have to discuss it with your florist so to get the result you desire. Regardless in this situation, the gesture would already mean a lot to the grieving family. It already sent a message that you share grief for the loss.

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Will it still be okay to send flowers after the funeral?

The act no matter when is executed would comfort those who mourn. Even after funerals and burials, to send flowers to someone and be it known that you remember is a really nice thing to do already. The bereaved family will be informed that you remembered and you will be grateful for the good memories you had shared with the deceased. Include a message on the flowers to make it more supportive. It may not matter deeply to you but to those who have lost someone will. It will also be nice to ask what particular help you can lend to the bereaved family. With this, you will not only make the soul of the departed happy but also help the family moved on.

How about those cremated?

The gesture will still be appropriate even without a casket at the funeral service. This act is your tribute for the good memories left behind and your emotional support to the bereaved family. Do not hesitate to send one in case the deceased is someone close to you or a good acquaintance to you. Your support means a lot during these difficult situations.

Will a live plant be okay?

To send a live plant or blooms is a wonderful idea. Unlike cut flowers, this one lasts longer and could remain a lifetime. This is actually a good reminder that the memories of the deceased lives on. This will also help them, divert their attention and move on easily. To see the beautiful blooms inside or outside their homes is a remembrance of the deceased’s presence.