Why Do You Bring Flowers to a Funeral?

Giving of flowers is a gesture that represents how we feel towards a person. There could be different reasons for every piece or bouquet of flowers given to another person. It could mean love, happiness, good wishes, respect, condolence, or sympathy. When someone wants to do something that brightens someone else’s day, to give them flowers is what is preferred by most. For several people, it is not new that they give flowers to funerals. This is their way of sending their condolences and sympathies. Their way of telling the family of the deceased that everything will just be fine despite their loss.

How did it begin?

Long ago, flowers are visible in the funeral not to show their sympathy to the family of the deceased but to ward off the smell of a decaying body. The scents the flowers bring are too fragrant that the decaying body would not smell as people pay their respect in the funerals. However, this is not the case today anymore. People found a way to keep that smell off at funerals and retained to display flowers around the place. This became a tradition to several people and this became a way for people to show their respect, sympathies, and condolences. This was their way to comfort the family of the deceased and their sympathy in their grief.

Why bring flowers in funerals?

Just as what was mentioned, flowers represent one’s sympathy and condolence. When you pay a visit to a funeral, you give your sympathy to the family of the deceased and hope they get through in their loss. If it happens that you know the deceased personally, the more reason for you to give flowers. Also, if you live somewhere far and knew about the death of a loved one, to send flowers is your best choice to extend your condolence and sympathy.

What funeral flowers should one bring?

Florists are now equipped to arrange funeral flowers. Amongst the hundreds of flowers, there are those that tend to be used in this particular setting. Those kinds of flowers that symbolize purity, innocence, love, and condolence, and those that celebrate the good memories you had with the deceased.

Here are some of the flowers that we find appropriate during this type of occurrence. Flowers that come with symbols associated with funerals.

  • Lilies

This flower is perhaps the most popular in funerals. The white color this flower shows is a representation of innocence whom the deceased embodies as his/her soul is restored. The flower symbolizes purity and majesty is appropriate in this scenario. Just like the white stargazer lily, this is commonly displayed and brought to funerals to show one’s sympathy to the family of the deceased. Whenever you have plans to visit a funeral, lilies are your top rated choice of flower to give.

  • Peace Lily

There is another type of lily that has long been used in funerals by a number of different religious ceremonies to represent peace, innocence, harmony, and purity afterlife here on earth. This particular flower is thought to have particular importance for Christians. To them, this is associated with the resurrection of Jesus Christ as the cycle of this flower starts every spring and dies during winters. In case you want to give a sympathy gift to the family of the deceased, a live plant of this kind reminds them that a soul lives on the afterlife.

  • Roses

And there are the roses. But for funerals, white roses are preferred. Not only it represents purity and innocence, however, but these white roses are also what is commonly available in many areas. Tending to become the only reason for people to opt on this type of flower if they come and visit funerals, the flower is easy to find and could costs cheaper than other flowers.

  • Orchids

They not only are exotically beautiful but also are unique. In Asia, orchids are mostly preferred to be used in funerals, because it lasts longer than other plants. It has an elegant smell also and one of the perfect choices to show one’s sympathy and condolence. This exotic flower represents renewal and innocence but careful on what color as they mean differently from each other.

  • Chrysanthemums

One common feature in most funeral flower arrangements is chrysanthemums. These beautiful blooms carry the meanings people associate with the death of a loved one. This represents one’s grief and as to how they mourn towards a loss of someone close to their heart. This is to show their tribute to the good memories the deceased left in this world. Choose to get the white blooms as they are the ones that are most appropriate in this occurrence.

  • Carnations

Carnations are the flowers that stand for love and admiration, with a sweet and long-lasting fragrance that is commonly arranged in funerals. Every color shows different meaning. The red ones are for one’s admiration to the deceased, pinks for remembrances, and white for unending love and innocence. The things that matter most when a person departs from this world and a tribute to the beauty left of a person’s gone existence on earth.

Bringing these flowers at funerals would show how you value the deceased, and how you will cherish every memory with the person. You can ask your florist whether to give in the form of condolence wreath, floral cross, or baskets of beautiful and fresh blooms. Whenever you lose someone close to you or someone you know but became part of your life, a flower in his/her funeral is the nicest gift you can bring.

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