The Language of Flowers and Their Color Meanings

Since the Middle Ages, flowers known as something that can carry special and secret meanings; the language of flowers. This enables flowers to express some intentions, either an acceptance or refusals, to the flower receiver. Even today, flowers still speak its language to express love and certain feelings to whoever receives them.

People enjoyed flowers with this benefit; they use flowers as a symbolization or representation, maybe even a certain quality that someone has. So for those of you who are thinking to send someone flower from a florist like, it’s quite important for you to know the meaning of flowers. Learn the different things that flower symbolize, and your flower gift will convey your message better than words can say, in such a beautiful way.

The Symbol of Flowers

  1.    Beauty

Flowers symbolize beauty; some flowers even hold a unique beauty on its own. If you want to tell a person about how beautiful they are, Daisy and Orchid are the best choice of flowers.

  1.    Faith and fidelity

Assure your partner that you are faithful by giving her or him flowers like Iris and Violets.

  1.    Friendship

A strong bond of friendship also can be shown in flowers. Chrysanthemum, Geranium, and Honeysuckle are the best flowers to show your appreciation for your dear friends, tell them that you will always there for them.

  1.    Happiness

Flowers can be used to celebrate a person’s achievement or welcome a birth. Any kind of happy occasions are better celebrated and gifted with flowers as they represent happiness. Choose flower like Carnation, Dandelion, Gardenia, or Hyacinth to send your happiness.

  1.    Love

However, flowers are always about love. They are the perfect way to represent and symbolize how you feel towards someone you love. As the general symbol of love, Roses are the best choice.

  1.    Hope

Flowers able to give hope. When you see that your friend is in feeling down, flowers are the most beautiful way to support and assure them if everything will be okay. Flower to choose: Snowdrop.

  1.    Passion

Passion can be symbolized by flowers as well. Give your love a bouquet of Roses or Azaleas to show your passionate love and how deeply in love you are.

It is true that many different things or thoughtful message can be conveyed through flowers. When words are difficult to express, the language of flowers then absolutely a solution for you.

Check out this infographic :

Language of Flower - Infographic

There are too many beautiful flowers in this world that carry such a kind thought, but you have to find the one which is suitable with your intention to the flower receiver. Even so, Rose, Carnation, Lily, Hydrangea, Orchid, and Sunflower are the most popular picked flower to represent the feelings. Below are the definitions:


Rose is known as a symbol of love; the romantic and passionate love. This is the reason why Rose—especially in red—is often used as a Valentine flower or a flower that used to confess and express someone’s love.


Carnation is a flower with a powerful and sentimental message to impress someone. You will never go wrong in impressing your sweetheart with this flower. A Carnation also the best Mother’s Day flower since this flower has been used as the flower choice or official flower for Mother’s Day.


Lily symbolizes devotion and humility. With its symbol of purity, Lily also mostly used as a condolence flower, as it represents the restored innocence after death for the soul of the deceased.


Hydrangeas are rich with heartfelt emotions. Florists, especially those that come from modern Western, often use this flower for a wedding bouquet arrangement or bridal bouquet in a very abundance and graceful meanings.


Orchid is a symbol of exotic beauty. Purple Orchids represent a royalty and an admiration, as well as the symbols of wealth. Moreover, the Purple Orchids are also given to show appreciation and respect.


Sunflower is always about pure thoughts; they are known to be the “happy” flowers that bring happiness to whoever receive them.

Flower bouquets always have a meaning on their own. That is the main reason of why flowers have been used to convey feelings, ideas, and messages for centuries.

Even the colors of flowers also meaningful and influence what the flower might mean. For instance, the meaning of red Rose is kind of different with the meaning of white Rope. Red is more about a passionate love when white is more of a pure and innocent love.

The choices of the color and the variety of flower as a gift also can be based on someone’s personal taste. When you know the receiver is a Rose lover, or he/she is a kind of people that would prefer Sunflower more than Lily, you can give them Sunflower too. Pay attention to some little details like that is always sweet and make people see how much you care about them.

Once you have decided the kind of flower to give to your special someone in some special occasion, make sure that you get the flower bouquet from a reputable florist; a florist that would not make you disappointed with the quality of the flowers and its arrangement.

Check the track record of the florist from the testimonials on their website or browse through your search engine about that florist: do they trustable enough? After that, you can choose your bouquet on the website and make an order online. Don’t hesitate to ask the florist for some recommendations or suggestions if you are still confused about the flower to choose.

Be sure that you choose a bouquet that is overflowing with beautiful blooms, and you can even add your own personal touch like put a greeting card with your sweet message on it. This way, your message will be conveyed to the recipient in an easier and more effective way.