[NEW] Best Types of Flowers to Give on Birthday

With all the beautiful flowers available at the flower shops on any season, it can be easier to choose the best birthday flowers for a family, parent, sibling, wife, husband, daughter, son, or friend. You can never go wrong with the gift of flowers, especially if you choose a cheerful bouquet for the celebrant. With flowers as your gift, you can say your thoughtful greetings or even your romantic and sweetest messages. In choosing the best type of flowers to give on birthday, let the florists help you. They know which one is best for the celebrant.


  • Carnations

Carnations are the birth flower for the month of January. If the celebrant is celebrating on January, the best type of flowers to give is Carnations. It comes in various colors and have different meanings based on color. Pink Carnations symbolize love and affection while red Carnations represent admiration. White Carnations may mean good luck and purity. Traditionally recognized as Mother’s Day flower, which is why the flowers of Carnations are the best option if you are sending a bouquet for your dearest mother, grandmother, or aunt. Snowdrops are also an option for January birth month flower.


  • Violets

The flowers of Violet are the birth month flower of February. Although red Roses are in demand this month because of the Valentine’s Day celebration, the flowers of Violets are recognized as its birth month flowers. Violets denote humility, modesty, loyalty, and devotion. Violet flowers are not only in violet and purple colors but also in white. A bouquet of Violets is a perfect birthday flower gift not only to February celebrants but also to people who love purple flowers.


  • Iris

Iris flowers are also the flowers for the month of February. Iris flowers welcome the coming spring season, and with its sweet fragrance, there is no doubt that the celebrant will love a bouquet on her birthday. Symbolic and appealing, Iris bouquet expresses your admiration of the celebrant’s youthfulness, as well as her wisdom, royalty, valor, faith, and hope. Referring to the Greek goddess Iris, the flowers are luxurious and majestic.


  • Daffodils

Daffodils are the first spring flower to bloom in March, which explains why it is the birth month flower of March. It symbolizes rebirth, renewal, inspiration, and creativity. If you choose Daffodils to send as birthday flowers, you are also wishing the celebrant with positive vibes, new hope, and happiness. The flower shop offers Daffodils in gorgeous bouquets for birthdays throughout the spring season. You can have a flower delivery on the same day, too.


  • Daisy

Daisy flowers are the birth flower for the month of April. They are one of the most fascinating flowers because of their cheerful appeal. They are a perfect choice for flower bouquets for birthdays as they come in wide variety of colors and sizes. You can have the bouquet filled with the iconic white and yellow Daisy flowers or go for a bouquet of colorful and brilliant Gerbera Daisy flowers to express your heartfelt birthday greetings to the celebrant.


  • Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea flower bouquet is a nice choice for birthday flowers, especially in the month of April, its blooming season. The sophistication of this flower will surely add an elegant touch and a glamorous finish to any table decorations or flower arrangements. Sweet Peas can also be used as cake toppers and decoration. For someone celebrating birthday, send a Sweet Pea bouquet in colors of blue, pink, purple, and white.


  • Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley flower bouquets are delightful. When you send one to a birthday celebrant, you are also saying that he or she makes your life complete. No wonder husbands or boyfriends choose to send one to their wife on her special day.


  • Rose

Recognized as the flower for those who are born in the month of June, Roses are the most famous flower in the world, and they are an ideal choice of flower for every occasion, especially on birthdays. For lovers, red, pink, white, lavender, and blue are the colors of Roses commonly picked for birthdays. Friends who want to send their greetings through flowers often choose yellow Roses, which symbolize friendship and cheerful greetings.


  • Larkspur

The natural beauty of Larkspur, as well as its refreshing fragrance, brings a gentle touch of love to anyone receiving it. A birthday bouquet of Larkspur flowers is wonderful, especially to July birthday celebrants because this is their birth month flower. Available in wide variety of colors, the meaning of Larkspur flower may also mean differently. Pink Larkspur is meant for an open heart or ardent attachment while purple blooms signify first love. White is to express happiness.


  • Gladiolus

The flowers of Gladiolus symbolize strong character, honor, integrity, and bravery. To your superhero or to the person who gives you continuous support, sending a bouquet of Gladiolus on his or her birthday is thoughtful. There is so much about Gladiolus that makes it a wonderful choice for birthday flowers and one of those is that it is long lasting.


  • Aster

Aster flowers are believed to be magical, which is probably the reason why it is a sacred flower to Greek gods and goddesses. Symbolic of love, patience, sophistication, and unity, Aster flowers make a wonderful bouquet to send to a birthday celebrant, especially to someone celebrating birthday in September.


  • Marigold

Marigold, the birth month flower of October, is a popular flower most commonly used as an offering to sacred altars. More than that, it is also a flower full of rich symbolism and meaning. The bold colors of Marigold do not only add warmth and beauty to a room but also send a thoughtful wish of success and strength.


  • Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum for birthday flower bouquets offers a delightful greeting of joy and friendship. If you are sending flower gifts to a birthday celebrant, you will never fail when you choose the flowers of Chrysanthemums.


  • Poinsettia

Poinsettia flowers are not only symbolic of the joyful Christmas holiday but also of hope, love, and joy. Anyone who receives a bouquet of Poinsettia, or a live Poinsettia plant, will surely feel the warmth of your love and delightful greetings.