Ways to reuse your Valentine’s Day roses

One of the most fragrant and vibrant gifts of nature has to be a flower among other things. These beautiful flowers bring colors and fragrances to their surroundings. Not just that, but they also bring an entire week of embracement because of their lasting characteristics.

Valentine’s day is around the corner. Each loved one receives roses as a gift on this special occasion. The only problem with these beautiful roses is that it is quite tough to throw them away. However, not anymore. Make use of some amazing ideas to keep your roses sane and sound.

If you are the one who receives roses as a Valentine’s Day gift, chances are that the flowers can look gorgeous and smell good for another few days. The best news is that roses do not have to end up in your compost heap yet. There are various ways to reuse roses so that they will last a bit longer than the original bouquet. Learn here some crafty and creative ways to reuse your blooms. So, order roses online, receive or gift them hassle-free!


  1. Rose Water

The most convenient and easiest way to reuse your roses is to make rose water out of them. When your roses are the freshest, the most effective your rose water could be. Take rose petals around two cups and put in distilled water for soaking them. Boil this mixture until the petals began losing their color.

After that, cool it down and strain the mixture in a simple-to-use bottle or container. Now, you have gotten the pure rosewater. It can be used for medicinal purposes for healthy-looking and glowing skin.

Also, this lightly scented, beautiful water could be employed in different ways. Pour this rose water into a spray bottle and employ it as a toning, refreshing facial mist. Also, you can add rose water to the dishes or desserts you cook. It can even be used as an ingredient in many homemade cosmetics. Spray rose water onto your bed linens for enjoying a sound sleep.


  1. Rose Petal Candies

If you are one who has a sweet tooth or loves to experiment, then these candies are something you can try. It is one of the perfect ways to reuse your Valentine’s Day roses. All you require to make these candies are some rose petals, egg white (beaten), and ultra-fine sugar powder.

To begin with this recipe, you need to dry rose petals completely. You can even microwave the rose leaves. Now, brush egg-white on both sides of the petals. After that, sprinkle sugar on the rose petals. Keep them on a mesh so that they dry completely and naturally.

If you are going to use candies for decorating cupcakes or pretty desserts, ensure that you select the most well-formed, colorful, and beautiful petals. Now, enjoy your rose petal candies!


  1. Rose Kulfi or Ice-Cream

Another easy and quick way to make a kulfi or ice-cream out of your Valentine’s Day roses is by adding rose water in the readymade ice-cream mix or rose petal candies. While making your rose ice-cream, take a handful of crushed and dried rose petals and that’s it. Freeze this solution till it’s set correctly. Now, eat this fresh, homemade ice-cream made from real, fresh roses.


  1. Rose Resin Pendant

For making a rose resin pendant, you will require a silicone mold in the desired shape, rose petals, some sparkle, and resin liquid. To start off, you need to pull out the petals from the stem. After that, spread a layer of resin liquid in the mold. Before the resin gets dried, pour rose petals in the right amount.

For adjusting the leaves inside your mold, you can make use of a toothpick. Let it dry or employ a resin dryer for making it a quick DIY. Now, take out your pendant from the mold and place your pendant in any chain. So, this is how you can preserve your Valentine’s Day roses lifelong.


  1. Rose Milk Bath

A decadent, luxurious milk bath leaves your skin hydrated and soft. If you do not want to use milk or want to make it vegan, then go for powdered soy milk rather than using dairy. On adding rose petals, the bather can stay sweetly-scented for hours.

Cleopatra was a diehard fan of both milk baths and roses. So, if you are feeling like pampering yourself in the ancient Egyptian way, then steep in the scented water for some time. For making a rose milk bath, you will need the following ingredients:

  • Powdered milk (soy or dairy) – 1½ cups
  • Epsom salt – ½ cup
  • Dried rose petals – ½ cup
  • Essential oil – rose-flavored

Now, you need to first mix together the three ingredients in a big bowl. After that, add 7 to 10 drops of rose essential oil. Mix thoroughly using a fork and add to your bath. Also, this makes an amazing gift if transferred into a decorative mason jar.


  1. Scented Sachets

Most likely the simplest craft mentioned here, scented sachets can be made from organza bags or fabric scraps. To make this bag, you need to remove the rose petals from the bouquet. Now, dry the petals on a screen or towel until they are not damp to touch. Next, toss the rose petals in a large bowl with some drops of rose perfume or oil. Tuck these scented petals into an organza drawstring bag. Now, you can tuck it into a closet or lingerie drawer for scenting clothes gently.

So, these are some amazing DIY ideas that you can absolutely try this Valentine’s Day if you receive beautiful roses. Try out these things to keep using your flower bouquet in the long run. Roses can be preserved for a little longer but not in the same manner as you receive them. Reuse your Valentine’s Day roses in the form of scented and floral candles, aromatic oils, homemade perfumes, potpourri, detox rose water, and other such luxurious and vivacious things.

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