Ways To Preserve A Bouquet

One can easily preserve beautiful bouquets sent by a loved one, whether they’ve been delivered by flower delivery or ordered from an online florist. Below are a few ways which are usually used to preserve flowers and bouquets:

  1. Using microwave

People often use a microwave to dry flowers and bouquets as it takes lesser time than drying them in the traditional way. Firstly, select flowers that you want to preserve, then put them in a microwaveable container and fill it with four cups of cat litter. Then microwave these flowers at high temperature for 2 to 3 minutes. When it cools down remove the entire cat litter, take out the flowers and clean all the excess material.

  1. Silica gel

If you want to your bouquet, flower arrangement or flowers to look exactly as they did in the hand bouquet or the arrangement, then try drying them with the help of silica gel. Silica gel is easily available at craft stores and a flower shop. It works nicely with sturdy flowers like roses and zinnias. Take a large container, put the flowers in it then cover it with silica gel. After a few days or a week later, gently remove the gel and you will get vibrantly preserved flowers.

  1. Pressing

Another popular way of preserving flowers is to press them. In order to press preserve flowers, take a heavy book. Cover a page with wax paper or parchment and arrange the flowers the way you want to preserve them. Expert Florist recommends arranging flowers face down so that no flower overlaps other flowers. Leave the book untouched for at least 7 days. Once all of the moisture is dried they will have paper type texture. You can easily use pressed flowers as a bookmark or for decoration purposes. You can even decorate a picture frame or use it as wall art and so on.

  1. Air drying

Air drying is a traditional way of preserving bouquets and flowers. In this technique, flowers are gathered in a bunch and are tied from the stem using thread or rubber band.  Then these bunches are hanged upside down in a well-ventilated room. Just make sure that they do not get direct sunlight.  In a few days, you will have a vintage style, beautiful dried flowers. Flower delivery often uses this technique when they have to deliver preserved flowers.

  1. Drying in a vase

This technique is considered to be the easiest preserving method. Place the flowers in a few inches of water and leave them, after a few days when all of the water is evaporated you will be left with perky and upright flowers. You can use these flowers as table decoration or a wall hanging.

These are a few ways by which one can easily preserve flowers at home.