Creative Ways to Make Mason Jar Flower Arrangements

When it comes to farmhouse décor, a mason jar is something classic. These jars are so versatile that any lover could find amazing ways of using them in a flower arrangement. These flower arrangements take the basic mason jar and take them to new heights!

Many of these mason jars are painted, whether it is with spray paint or acrylics. Spray paints provide them a beautiful shine while acrylics offer a unique matte look. Painting a mason jar helps it stand out from flower arrangements in just plain glass.

Some of these flower arrangement ideas present mason jars that have been painted in ombre color arrangements. Other arrangements have glossy, bright gold paint featuring glitter accents. Spray-painted mason jars are durable than acrylic ones. However, be careful while using or filling them. If your mason jar has acrylic paint inside, then do not put water into your jar.

Sometimes, creating an incredible flower arrangement is so easy. Plus, these easy-to-make mason jar flower arrangements can be used for creating wall décor. Just add metal rings to a board and set jars inside. Plus, one can hang these floral arrangements anywhere, but they look pretty on the front door. So, you can use them as a welcome sign.

Now, go and grab all the mason jars that you can find. This is because you are going to make one of the prettiest displays for your family gatherings, outdoor weddings, and summer parties. Here are some gorgeous and simple ways to display sunflowers, peonies, wildflowers, lavender, and more:


  1. Lavender Flower Arrangement

This classic flower arrangement is so simple to create. For making it, you need timeless roses, wax flowers, hydrangeas, lemon leaves, and roses. Now, select a focal flower for the arrangement and then, choose some complementary elements, such as sprigs of greenery, berries, or sprays of small flowers.

Here, you can go for white roses to be the arrangement’s star. After that, select white hydrangea for adding shape to it. Next, choose purple waxflower and lemon leaves for adding texture and color contrast.

In the first place, you have to fill the mason jar with water about ¾ full. Then, add the base layer with lemon leaves and hydrangea. Next, put in your roses and then, add some stems of waxflower in opposition to the hydrangea for balancing out your arrangement. For finishing, add some stems of small garden roses in the center and fill up bare spots with waxflowers.


  1. Patriotic Mason Jars

Another amazing flower arrangement that is so easy to create. This arrangement is a perfect décor item for the 4th July parties. It just takes five minutes to create this flower arrangement. The vases are very simple to make, where you do not need any kind of spray paint.

Simply, tie burlap and festive ribbon to decorate your jar. To make the flower arrangement, you need a bunch of hydrangeas and three mason jars. You can use jars of any size you like. Small size jars are great for small flower arrangements, votive candles, holding utensils, glow sticks, or sparklers.

Now, cut a piece of burlap for fitting around the mason jar. You can use glue dots for securing the ends of the mason jar in the back. Or else use hot glue or clear tape to hold them in place.

After that, tie a ribbon to fit. There is no need to secure the ribbon as it stays in place. You can use different types of ribbon for all the jars. Either you can make a little bow in front or simply fit around the jar. Tape the ends of the ribbon at the back. No matter what way you choose, your jars will look pretty either way.


  1. Colorful Centerpiece

This is another simple and amazing floral arrangement. This centerpiece is amazing for Sunday dinners, bridal showers, and other such functions. These flower arrangements are simple and sweet. There is nothing fussy or formal.

The fun part comes with adding bright flowers packed in a mason jar. To create a centerpiece, go for three mason jars. Later on, place these jars in a tray. You can go with varieties, where you can choose two clear jars and one colorful in colors like aqua.

When it comes to the flower arrangement, do not spend a lot of time. You can keep them casual and simple if you prefer. You can choose adornments for your mason jars. Go for different embellishments like 3D paper hearts, simple raffia bows, etc. Tie these adornments using twine. If you are using a colorful jar, then leave it without embellishment. All combined together, these pretty flower arrangements can make a colorful, impactful centerpiece.


  1. Lavender Painted Mason Jars

These mason jars make a perfect décor piece. Here, you have to paint your mason jars. Things that you need to make these jars include regular mason jars, a fine-tipped paint brush, lavender paint, light lavender paint, forest moss acrylic paint, dark green paint, and clear coat sealant.

Firstly, you have to paint your mason jar with white color. Then, distress your jars. Use a fine tipped brush and matte finish acrylic green paint to create leaves and stems all around the mason jar. After that, use light lavender acrylic paint for creating the lavender flowers by dotting along the green stems.

Once the jars dry, add depth to your flowers and fill in the empty spaces by dabbing on a dark lavender. Now, you can use dark green on the leaves and that is it. Your lavender painted mason jars are all set. If you like, add a coat of clear finish sealant. Put in lavender flowers and nothing could be perfect than this!

So, these are some cool ways to make mason jar flower arrangements. It is super exciting and easy to make these flower arrangements. Try these mason jar ideas and bring dull and boring corners of your house to life.

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