What Exotic Flower Is Available in Singapore?

Nature has created the most beautiful thing that we can enjoy each day, and they are beautiful flowers. Flowers are widely used in the whole world as gifts on special occasions, events, holidays, and romantic celebrations. Aside from that, flowers are also used as ornaments and decorations for homes and offices and for all kinds of grand events. Each type of flower that you can find in all parts of the world is unique and different. You will find some in multiple varieties while some are just one-of-a-kind. Among those are the exotic flowers. In Singapore, there are exotic flowers that can be sent as flower delivery within the country. Other international florists also avail of these exotic flowers available in Singapore. Here are some of the exotic flowers in Singapore:

  • Lipstick Plant

Exotic but very familiar in Singapore because most of the flower shops have this in pots and they are available for florist delivery. Commercial flower nurseries also have them. This is an epiphyte type of flowering plant that can be seen climbing on the trunks and branches of the trees in the wild. It is known in its common name of Lipstick Plant because of its lipstick-like appearance. Its scientific name is Aeschynanthus parvifolius.

  • Aquatic Alpinia or Aquatic Ginger

The species of Aquatic Alpinia or Aquatic Ginger are found submerged in water, thus the scientific name Alpinia aquatic. They grow in the waterlogged areas and near the streams of water in the wild. Exotic in beauty and characteristics, this flowering plant is also found to withstand even the drought season. Each stem of the flowers has tips at the end where dark and purplish black fruits eventually appear. These plants can grow under direct sunlight exposure and even under shades.

  • Simpoh Lak

With the scientific name of Dillenia excels, the flowers of Simpoh Lak are among the exotic beauty of nature in Singapore. This exotic flower is in bright yellow color with deep red center or columnar crown. They can grow to a taller tree but they can bloom even at a moderate height. They bloom seasonally during summer seasons and they can grow even under full sun provided that the soil is moist and well-watered. Bees and butterflies love the flowers of Simpoh Lak.

  • Malayan Ixora, Jarun Jarun

Its scientific name is Ixora congesta. It comes from a large family with dozens of hybrids in Singapore. However, this rare species is different because this type of flowering plant can grow well in areas where light is indirect. Unlike other species under the same genus that need full sunlight to bloom, the Malayan Ixora or Jarun Jarun to the local people can bloom richly in orange color even under indirect light.

  • Common Dianella

Common Dianella was thought as one of the wild grasses in the fields because of its long leaves. But when it is time for it to bloom, it shoots long stems filled with dozens of buds blooming into beautiful star-shaped flowers mostly violet and blue. The blooms carry and bear many berries, making it a rare plant, too. Most fields of the wild and forest are found to have this type of plant. This is because of its unique characteristic, which is adaptability in any types of soil and light conditions, as well as climate. Its scientific name is Dianella ensifolia.

  • Vanda Miss Joaquim

The Orchid Vanda Miss Joaquim with the scientific name of Papilionanthe Miss Joaquim is not only recognized as one of the exotic flowers in Singapore but is also chosen as the National Flower of the country. It is a hybrid cultivar resulting from the cross-bred Burmese Vanda teres and Malayan Vanda hookeriana as stemmed and performed by an American Singaporean horticulturist, Agnes Joaquim. The beautiful Orchid is unique in its violet-rose petals turning into fiery orange at the center.

  • Frangipani

Frangipani is known as Plumeria. This flowering plant is exotic and rare. It is found in the tropical regions of Singapore and they are considered as tropical trees. The flowers are used traditionally as leis and garlands. The thick stems and leathery leaves are just perfect to complement the blooms in waxy petals and distinctive pleasant fragrance. Frangipani flowers are available in pink, red, white, and yellow.

  • Canna Lily

Canna Lily is also known as Singapore Girl. It has a scientific name of Canna x generalis. It is a flowering plant from the genus Cannaceae and it is a native plant in the tropical and sub-tropical regions of Singapore. The plant has a large foliage and tall structure. It can grow from 1.3 meters to 3 meters high. The herbaceous shrubs of this plant have purplish-green stems and bright red or orange blooms with spots at the base. It has black seeds in the hard coating. It is one of the famous ornamental plants in the country and one of the objects added to the landscape.

No matter what you want in a flower bouquet, whether it is one filled with tropical flowers, seasonal flowers, or even exotic flowers, you can count the florists in Singapore for the lovely flower delivery. Each bouquet is more than just flowers but an experience of nature in its unique beauty. With exotic flowers sophisticatedly arranged, you can always have the most extravagant flower for all kinds of occasions, whether for gifts to a loved one or for home and indoor ornaments and decorations. If you are looking for something exotic and rare, you will never go wrong sourcing them out from the florists in Singapore.