Should You Bring Flowers to a Funeral in Singapore?

In Singapore customs, should you bring flowers to a funeral?  A short and straightforward answer to this question is yes, you should bring flowers to a funeral. A funeral is a time when the deceased is being buried. Therefore, coming along with flowers to the venue is just the ideal thing to do. There are tonnes of choices to make when it comes to bringing the ideal flowers to a funeral.

Flowers like the lilies, chrysanthemums, carnations, rose, and so much more can be brought to a funeral. The Floral arrangement also differs when it comes to using flowers for funerals. And the meaning is one thing you should keep an eye out for when you decide to bring flowers to a funeral.

Reasons Why You Should Bring Flowers to a Funeral

There are a couple of reasons why you should bring flowers to a funeral. But in this post, I would be sharing with you five (5) main reasons why you should bring flowers to a funeral. One thing is sure, and that is flowers are always used in funerals, but why? Here are a couple of reasons why you should bring flowers to a funeral.

1.    Belief

Because of the belief many people have concerning flowers, it has made flowers a special gift for a funeral. With so many believe of what flowers mean out there, flowers have gotten so popular that it almost seems as though if you do not come with a flower to a funeral, you are from another world. But I would not blame them though; flowers bring comfort and can console a grieving soul.

But basically, the belief you place on a flower is what gives it the greatest meaning. What a flower means to you might be way different from what the flowers mean to me. For example, a flower given to you might be the deceased favourite flower, to you that gave the flowers it might just be a flower, but to the person that is receiving the flower would relate the flowers to a memory shared with the deceased and that would be the greatest gift to give at a funeral. Although there are traditional meanings attached to flowers your belief is more important.

2.   Sentiment

Flowers are sentiments, and that is one reason why you should consider being a flower to a funeral. When looking at the sentiments attached to the flower, it is broad and complex. The ideas, instincts and feelings are what is usually associated with the sentiment of flowers. When you give a flower to someone at a funeral, or you simply just bring it and drop it by the coffin of the deceased, you are actually paying respect to the deceased and the family members of the deceased.

Flowers may just be a plant, but its value goes beyond just that. Considering just how delicate they are especially when considering how they grow, it only just increases the sentimental values attached to flowers. If not for anything, but for the sentimental values of flowers, you should bring it to a funeral. Most especially when the deceased is someone very close to you, flowers will help a lot in providing some comfort. It might not take the pain away, but it would definitely make it easier.

3.   The Tradition

The tradition of flowers here means that different flowers have different meanings, which have been known to that particular flower for as long as anyone can actually remember. The meanings might vary a bit in different locations, but generally, it would still send the same type of message. The traditional meanings associated with each flower should not be neglected.

Actually, when bringing a flower to a funeral, the traditional meaning attached to the flower should be the base you followed before getting the funeral flowers. A flower can have more than one traditional meaning associated with it. So, when you are coming to a funeral, take advantage of the traditional meanings of flowers to send a message across without having to say much. Let your flowers do the talking for you. All you need to do is to attend the funeral and grief.

4.   The Atmosphere

The atmosphere when there are flowers at a funeral is way different from a funeral when there are no flowers. When there are no flowers at sea funeral, it is almost like the deceased is not loved. But on the other hand, when there are flowers at a funeral, it changes the whole atmosphere and makes people who attend the funeral feel the warmth of the deceased one last time.

Flowers have that ability to create that warmth, and beautiful ads consolation and dignity to a funeral service. To help the deceased family members and friends move on easily and without stress, then you need to try to make the atmosphere warm and comfortable. And how do you make the atmosphere warm and comfortable, by giving flowers at a funeral? Flowers just have that magic to switch the atmosphere to something a lot more comforting.

5.   The Significance

You should bring some flower to a funeral because of its significance. Flowers can be sent to a funeral first of all because they can be used as a means of expression. It can be quite difficult expressing yourself at a funeral. Saying the right things might just seem like the hardest thing, yet simple. But with flowers, you can easily express yourself with ease. You may not even need to say anything; the flowers would do all the talking for you. All you just need do is get the right flower, which traditional meanings express just what you feel on the inside.

You could also consider sending flowers to a funeral to offer comfort and consolation to the friends and family members of the deceased. You could also decide to send the flowers to the church or the burial site; whichever you prefer would do just the right job for you. So, whichever you choose to do, always send flowers to the funeral, as a way of paying your last respect to the memories of the deceased.