What Flower Symbolises Death of a Loved One in Singapore?

The passing away of a loved one is never an easy period. But flowers can be used to dampen the feeling a bit. There is a different flower with a different meaning. Even the arrangement of flowers also has its special meaning. Funerals are usually arranged to celebrate the life of a recently passed loved one.

Just like there are different flowers, but what flowers symbolise the death of a loved one? Out of the numerous funeral flowers that are out there, there are a couple of flowers that symbolise deaths of a loved one. I am going to be sharing some with you, but before then, it is important to note that flowers are an important part of a funeral.

The type of flower you choose for a funeral can be used to express specific feelings and emotions. The traditional meanings attached to flowers have been used to covey lots of sentimental feelings especially ones that words cannot express during a funeral. You might see flowers as just a plant. But gifting a plant at a funeral can create a long-lasting tribute to the deceased loved one.

Flowers that Represent Death of a Loved One and their meaning

There are tones of flowers that symbolise the death of a loved one. For the sake of this post, I would keep it brief and straight to the point with eight (8) different flowers that symbolise the death of a loved one.

1.    Basket of White Peaceful Lilies

Lilies are one flower you can consider using to symbolise the death of a loved one. Lilies are wonderfully coloured and are attractive. The traditional meaning associated with lilies is probably the reason why a lot of people love to use lilies for the funeral functions. Lilies are not only associated with funerals, but they are used as I said because of the traditional meanings attached to it. When lilies are being given at a funeral, it is used to symbolise the innocence of the deceased. White lilies in particular express purity and innocent, while on the other hand, white stargazer lilies in particular express sympathy when used in a condolence wreath arrangement.

2.   Elegant Gladioli Tribute Spray

Another flower that can be used to symbolise the death of a loved one is the fine gladioli tribute spray. The gladiolus is a tall flower, and it is composed of multiple flowers. Gladioli measure up to 4 feet tall. Gladioli can be used as a fan spray. And when you want to use the gladioli to symbolise the death of a loved one, the fine gladioli tribute spray is perfect for that. The traditional meanings associated with the gladioli are the strength of character, moral integrity and sincerity. Gladioli come in different colours also, like pink, white, green, orange, salmon, red, yellow, and purple.

3.   Rainbow Reflection Carnation Basket

For a basket full of flowers used to symbolise the death of a loved one, choose the rainbow reflection carnation basket. Its fragrance, long lasting ability, and beautiful colours make the carnation a perfect choice many people make for symbolising the death of a loved one. This floral arrangement is a perfect choice people make to express their sympathy at a funeral service. The red carnations are usually given to evoke admiration. The traditional meaning associated with the pink carnation is the remembrance. On the other hand, the white carnation is used to symbolise purity and pure love.

4.   Heartfelt Chrysanthemums Basket

The chrysanthemums are a flower popular around the world to symbolise the death of a loved one. Many countries use this flower a lot, perhaps because of the traditional meanings attached to it. But the traditional meanings of the chrysanthemums vary slightly in different countries. The chrysanthemums are associated in the European countries, Italy, France Poland, Hungary, Croatia, and Spain, and they are used to symbolise the death of a loved one and are used on graves and for funeral services. In countries like Korea, China and Japan, the chrysanthemums symbolise grief and lamentations. While in the US, the chrysanthemums symbolise truth, cheerfulness, and positivity.

5.   True Bouquet of Rose

Roses, as everyone knows, are usually associated with love, and they can also be used to symbolise the death of a loved one. Roses are one of the most famous flowers. And they can be used in different floral arrangement to symbolise the death of a loved one. A true bouquet of rose is a typical example of a floral arrangement with the rose that is usually associated with the death of a loved one. When the roses are white, traditionally, it symbolises youthfulness, innocence, reverence and humility. Red roses also covey the message of love, courage, and respect. When the roses are given are punk, it symbolises grace, appreciation, gentility, and love. Dark crimson rose knew the other hand symbolises sorrow, grief, Yellow roses are usually given by the friends of the deceased to symbolise strong ties.

6.   Orchid Plant

The orchid plant simply expresses the feeling of “I will always love you.” When you are choosing an orchid plant to give at a funeral, it is important to take note of the colour of the orchard plant. Different colours of orchid plant mean different things. The white and pink orchid plant for example traditionally signifies sympathy. Other varieties of the orchid like the dendrobium orchard and the phalaenopsis orchards are used to show appreciation to the life lived by the deceased.

7.   Hydrangea Plant

This is a seasonal spring plant and a perfect flower that can be given by a family member to express grief. The hydrangea can be used indoors, and after the funeral, they can be planted in the garden because this type of flower can grow on almost any type of soil. The hydrangea is usually given in appreciation for understanding, and also as a gesture of heartfelt sincerity.

8.   Tulips and Daffodils

The bring yellow coloured tulips and daffodils are perfect for symbolising a fresh start, and renewal. They are also used to bring encouragement to someone grieving or someone unhappy. Traditionally, tulips signify grace and elegance. Yellow tulips signify cheerfulness, white tulips signify forgiveness, purple tulips signify royalty, and red tulips signify love.