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Premium Hand Bouquet



Premium Hand Bouquet

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Premium Hand Bouquet

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Premium Hand Bouquet



Premium Hand Bouquet

KH-102 Surprise Tulip Bouquet

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What Some of Customer Say

At 2 am, I called many florists to get a bouquet sent to my wife but non were answering. Only Little Flower Hut was open. Life Saver. Flower was delivered in an hour, the flower bouquet was beautiful. Thank you Esther. Highly recommended.

Mark / Bishan

Called them and Order at 12am. Everything was done perfectly – a balloon, a bouquet of fresh flowers, delivered time within 45min. Only Florist in Singapore open late at night. I will sure order again.

Mr Tan / Upper Changi Road

I was very frustrated initially until I found this florist. Online you will see many florists say that they only mid-night but none were answering the call except Little Flower Hut. True to their words, they deliver my hand bouquet with 90min. Thank you Jean. Recommended.

John / JB, Malaysia

Latest News

Let your loved ones know you are thinking of them with beautiful flowers

Whenever we say or listen the word flowers, our moods automatically get better. Flowers have this inherent quality of making things and situations better. Giving flowers to someone almost never fails to have a good impression on them. Whatever is the occasion, flowers as a token of love or empathy can never go wrong. Mother nature is full of so many beautiful flowers and we, at Little Flower Hut ensure that you get the perfect flower you are looking for. So, if you are thinking of someone you love but cannot meet them just yet, you can send them flowers instead to show your love for them.


The Perfect Thinking of You Flowers:

It happens many a time that we are thinking of someone special and want to do something that would make them happy. While going to visit them remains the best option of all times, it might not be readily possible for everyone. There can be the barrier of distance and time and other factors. This is where the just thinking of you flowers come in. Little Flower Hut has a special section of flowers that are curated for such special occasions. Our collection is extensive and will ensure that the person you are sending the flowers to understand your depth of love and care for them.


Show Someone You Care With Special Flower Delivery:

Life sometimes throws us situations where we meet people, to whom we remain forever grateful. They can come in our lives as friends, colleagues or even family. However, the important thing is, we let them know of their importance in our lives. Thanking them verbally is something but that is almost never enough. Given the fact that actions speak louder than words, you can send them flowers that mean thinking of you. People who have helped you to go through a phase of the crisis in your life would love to that you have not forgotten about them and still care about them. Sending someone specially designed flowers as a token of your care for them is something that they would remember forever. In this age, where everything is becoming extremely mechanical, some good old-fashioned gifts of flowers will definitely light up the mood of the receiver. 


Expert Florists to Help You Send the Right Message:

Sending flowers often get better if you are adding a personalised message with it. Now, many people have a lot of things to say to people they love, but often do not find the right words. With us, you will never face this problem. We, at Little Flower Hut, ensure that thinking of you flower meaning is properly delivered to the person you are sending them to. Our range of just thinking of you flowers make sure that the recipient knows how special they are to you. We also add customized message with flowers thinking of you. Moreover, if you are not sure of what you should be writing as the message, our florists will come to rescue. They will understand what you want to convey to your loved ones and then will craft the words in a beautiful way so that the person you are sending the flowers to beams with joy. You will find a lot of variety in our thinking of you flower color and therefore, you can pick the color of flower that goes along with the occasion you are sending them for. 


We’ve Got All Kinds of Flowers to Choose from in Our Online Florist:

We understand the ease of online shopping and that is why you can book thinking of you gift baskets from our website itself. You can sit in your favorite spot of the house and with a few simple clicks, your loved ones will be getting a gift basket that would definitely make their day a lot better. Our online store offers a lot of beautiful flowers thinking of you and you will get spoilt with choices. You can take your time on the website and take a tour of it before finalizing a product.



Have Thinking of You Flowers Delivered on Demand:

Certain situations require quick actions. We, at Little Flower Hut understand this. That is why you have same day delivery services for just thinking about you flowers. Suppose, your special someone gives you a news of their success and you want to congratulate not only over the phone but by sending some really special gifts. There can be nothing better than flowers for such occasions and with our fast thinking of your flowers delivery your loved one will receive your congratulatory gift in no time. It would not only make them happier but also would show how much you care for them and would make your relationship even stronger.


Send Flowers to Someone Special Today:

When there are people in your life for whom your life is a lot better, you really do not need any special occasion to show them that you love them. They deserve your love and care and you can show them how deeply you care about them by our thinking of your flowers delivery. You can wake up one morning and decide to send flowers to your parents just to make them feel special. They will love such a gesture and the fact that you have made time for them in your busy life would make their day. It is not to mention that the amazing flowers you will get them from Little Flower Hut will make their room gorgeous and their mind happier.

This is the way with which we at Little Flower Hut help our customers to nourish their personal and professional ties as we nourish our flowers. We make sure whatever your demands are related to flowers, are met properly and in the most perfect way possible. With our on-demand delivery, customers now can easily surprise their loved ones with a royal bouquet of flowers on any day they want and make their days better.