Happy Birthday Flowers & Bouquets

Let us help you make a birthday special with a memorable birthday flowers delivery! Isn’t it a jot to send love with a birthday bouquet, birthday cake, teddy bears and happy birthday balloons delivered on the same day? Whether your celebrant is celebrating their 21st birthday or their 50th birthday, we have the ideal flowers for birthday to make their day.

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Premium Hand Bouquet



Hand Bouquet




H-92 Ardent


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KH-07 Cheery





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KH-11 Beauty


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KH-18 Spellbound Hand Bouquet


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KH-09 Smitten


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KH-19 Tinkerbell Hand Bouquet


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KH-37 Over the Rainbow


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KH-36 The Perfect 10 Rainbow


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KH-02 Bueno

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There is no better way to say Happy Birthday than with our surprise birthday flowers and gifts. 

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Birthday Bouquet

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Birthday Cake Flower

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What Some of Customer Say

Stunning Birthday Flowers! This florist was perfect suits for me. I love flowers, and I deeply adored their beauty. I am fortunate to find this shop. Joan assisted my inquiries on time without any delays. I will never look for another florist again for sure. You have loyal customer here!

Mr Boon / Bishan

Wide flower selection and Best prices – not to mention awesome customer service. When they did not have the flower that I had requested, they immediately called to confirm that I would be okay with their proposed substitution. The flower arrangement was beautiful and the birthday girl was very happy with the flowers. Thump up!

Marcus / Upper Changi Road

Little Flower Hut is excellent! The florist is a flower specialist and very good at arranging the flowers for my mother’s birthday. I thanked the team with all of my heart because my mom’s birthday was perfect, and one reason was the design with the beautiful flowers. Thank you very much. I’ll sure order flowers again!

Kelly / Singapore

Greet Them “Happy Birthday” with Gorgeous Birthday Flowers

A gorgeous way to say “Happy birthday” to a loved one is to send gorgeous birthday flowers. With so many wonderful flowers available for Flower Delivery, greeting your special someone on her special day with flowers from Little Flower Hut can be more unique. However, picking the best and most gorgeous one is sometimes a big challenge, which is why consulting our florist for this purpose is an important step. We have a wide array of designs and arrangements for birthdays. Whether the celebrant is a little child or a teenager or a young adult or an adult, the florist has the right flower arrangements that will help you say “Happy Birthday” in a special and unforgettable way.

Hand Bouquet for Birthday

Are you thinking of how you can make the celebrant happy and joyful? Consider sending him or her a lovely or cheery flower bouquet. You can choose a hand bouquet of bright and colorful flowers as your birthday gift or a special floral arrangement of mixed blooms to say your warm wishes and greetings to the celebrant. The flower bouquet can be sent in a funny and chic flower vase or in a flower wrapper. We have flower bouquets in boxes, pitchers, cans, and pots. You can choose one with the most gorgeous and lovable birthday flowers that will give the celebrant a big ‘wow’ on your birthday present.

Flower Baskets for Birthdays

For unique birthday flower gifts, our florist also has different kinds of fresh flowers and lovely floral arrangements. Aside from these choices, there are also gift baskets to choose from. You can send her a basket of elegant gift items like branded and signature perfumes, personal products, and more, or send her a bountiful basket of healthy snacks and cookies combined with beverages for refreshments on the celebration day. There are also other items that are great for birthday gifts in a fruit basket and fruit arrangements, chocolates and cakes, nuts and gourmets, and healthy treats like nuts, dried fruits, and more. The choices are wide for birthday gift baskets, and you will never go wrong when you let the Little Flower Hut help you pick the best design.


Gift Hampers for Birthdays

The birthday hampers are offered with a lovely complimentary flower for the celebrant. When you choose to give hampers of gifts and flowers to the birthday celebrant, it will be more meaningful if you will consider your relationship with the celebrant. For a loving wife, you may choose to give or send a hamper delivery of romantic gift items or gift treasures. For your mom or dad, or other family members, you may choose a hamper filled with elegant items or festive snacks and drinks for a wonderful celebration. For a sweetheart, a hamper of chocolates and stuff toys will surely bring delight to her. Choose the right hampers to give to make the day extra special and memorable with Little Flower Hut.

Giving birthday flowers is easier with these month-specific types of flowers:

  • January: Carnations are the birthday flowers specified and representing the month of January. The variety of colors of Carnations can be used to express and convey your birthday wishes and message of love to the celebrant. Pink and Red Carnations are symbolic of love, romance, and sweetness, while white and cream Carnations convey respect and gratitude.
  • February: Violets are the flowers representing the month of February. Violets are totally gorgeous and they are meant to mean loyalty, fidelity, and faithfulness. This type of flower can be sent to mean romance and to give friendly greetings to a celebrant.
  • March: Daffodils are the birthday flowers representing the month of March. Because of the bright color of Daffodils, they are used to symbolize light that shines warmly to the heart. Daffodils are also meant love that never ends. When you send a bouquet of Daffodils as birthday gift, you also have a choice of pairing it with a box of chocolates or other items.
  • April: Daisies are the flowers representing the month of April. Daisies are not only meant for lovers but also for friendship as they symbolize fidelity and loyalty. This flower is perfect for a flower bouquet, but it can also go well with other types of flowers for a special birthday bouquet.
  • May: Lilies are the flowers representing the month of May. It is a great flower gift to someone special celebrating her birthday because it is a symbol of happiness and contentment.
  • June: Roses are the flowers representing the month of June. Symbolizing love, romance, and deep passion, Roses are a gift of romance. Aside from red Roses, there are other various colors of Roses available, and they make a perfect birthday flower bouquet.
  • July: Larkspurs are the flowers representing the month of July. They are among the rare types of flowers but they are just as perfect for birthday flowers. Symbolizing strong love, this flower is available in different colors.
  • August: Gladiolus is the birthday flower representing the month of the month of August. Symbolizing strength, morality, integrity, and bravery, this flower is used to express strong affection and emotion.
  • September: Asters are the birthday flowers representing the month of September. The color of this flower is very distinct and rich, and it has such a unique texture that makes them more eye-catching. They are meant to show and express powerful love.
  • October: Marigolds are the flowers representing the month of October. Sending the celebrant a bouquet of Marigolds is like expressing graceful affection and emotion.
  • November: Chrysanthemums are the flowers representing the month of November. The happy birthday celebration can be more joyful with this flower. It can also go well with other types of flowers for a meaningful birthday gift of flowers.
  • December: Poinsettias are the flowers representing the month of December. The rich color of their bracts symbolizes the warm greetings for the holidays. Aside from dark red color, Poinsettias are also available in pink, white, and other beautiful colors of Christmas.