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Whether the graduation flowers are for students who are graduating from Primary school, Secondary school, JC, Polytechnic, ITE college, university Degree or even master and doctor,  Little Flower Hut 24 hour florist provides the best graduation bouquet for you.

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What Some of Customer Say

The best graduation flower ever is always sent by Little Flower Hut. The best thing is that they send you a photo of what they’ve sent and the photo represents exactly what has been sent. Customer service is exceptional

Christine / Jurong

My first time ordering flowers from them and I would absolutely use them again. For graduation day I ordered the florist’s weekly pick bouquet and requested yellow and white. The colours were what we asked for, the flowers were beautiful and they lasted for almost two weeks. Great work Little Flower Hut.

Ms Lin / Leonie Hiill

Little Flower Hut is my go-to florist & top pick when sending flowers and/or gifts for graduation to family and friends in Singapore.

Patrick / Novena

Premuim Quality Graduation Flowers Bouquet in Singapore from Little Flower Hut

Graduation day is a very important event in our lives. It is a day when someone finally completed their study and taking one step closer to their dreams. Also the day when we close one chapter and will start a brand new chapter.

Showering them with flowers is actually one of the best things we can do, sure there are definitely other way we can share the happiness, but sending them a special Flower Delivery from Little Flower Hut could make a mark in their hear. We offer various hand bouquet or other kinds of flower arrangement that we can send on graduation day.

Graduation is one of those special occasion in life that we celebrate with flowers. On this day full of joy and pride, make sure someone you care get the best gift.

Flowers for Graduation

The various kind of graduation bouquet are available for boys or girls, young or adults. A bouquet of flowers can be a symbol of hard work and dedication during their time in school or college.

The brightness and colorfulness of flowers will make their day and put a smile on their face! Flowers also can be an expression of how happy you are for their achievement. It is quite an unforgettable event for people to wear a cap and a gown and hearing their name called to receive the degree on the stage.

Flowers for graduation can be a symbol that they have bloomed, that they have successfully grown through their school or college time.

Roses, Tulips and Gerbera Daisies are the best type of flower for graduation flowers. Yellow flower would a nice pick because of it’s bright color that expresses joy, freedom, and friendship. Red is more of a romantic colour so  a bouquet of roses will be a perfect gift to congratulate your love one. Then there’s yellow lilies and blue iris that will look amazing for the graduates. You can also follow the theme of the school or the college to make the graduation flowers looks fit in the hand of the graduate.

Graduation Flowers in Bouquet

Graduation flowers bouquet comes with two different options. First, you buy and give it directly to the recipient on their graduation day. Second, you can deliver the flower bouquet to their home.

The second option is just an alternative if you cannot attend the graduation ceremony but still wanting to congratulate and give something meaningful. The second option is also a solution if you live far away from the recipient.

On the bouquet, you also can add more items to it like balloons with “congratulations” letters, a teddy bear, chocolates, and much more for the extra. It can be customized and ordered online through our graduation flowers delivery service.

You can wish and say many things with the language of flowers.  It is the convenience of giving people flower when you cannot express them with words. Messages such as “Happy birthday”, “Get well soon”, including “Happy graduation, I am happy for you and wish for you a bright future ahead!”

When thinking of a gift to give to someone for their graduation day, you should understand if this is a kind of event that they will remember for their whole life. So, what you need are colorful and cheerful flowers that could express your happiness to them.

Keep in mind that you can stand out from the crowd with bouquet flowers for graduation to clearly show that you care a great deal about them.

Graduation ceremony usually limited to family members. But even though you cannot attend the actual ceremony, you can wait for them outside with your flowers or simply deliver the flowers to their house. After all, a beautiful bouquet of them will create such a nice impression the moment they see the flower.

It is better if you plan your order ahead and ask our florist to deliver the flowers in the morning to brighten their day and even make their day more become more cheerful. Or just come to the graduation ceremony and give the flowers yourself.

Remember that a lot of pictures will be taken during a graduation event, so pick the best graduation flowers! Make sure if the flowers match and look stand out. If you cannot choose the best flowers by yourself, don’t worry, our florist will do it for you.

What you need is just telling our flower shop what you like on the bouquet. We surely have the best and professional flowers that have a great sense for matching the colors of the flowers.

So, as you can see, make a graduation gift is actually a simple yet meaningful activity. You can just simply order the graduation flowers online and leave the rest to us. Just remember that you should choose a bright flower bouquet as this will look more beautiful.

Moreover, you can celebrate this kind of day on another day by making a party. Prepare a surprise party for the graduate with some kinds of flowers to decorate the party also among the best options you could choose for a memorable gift on their special day!