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What are the Normal Business Hours for Flower Delivery in Singapore?

Flowers are a great way of saying you are thinking about someone. Whether you are thinking about their success, your friendship, or thinking about them in their time of grief, flowers can do a lot to convey your thoughts. Can you send flowers when someone crosses your mind? When news about their promotion or arrival […]

All about Allium – History, Meaning, Facts, Care & More

It is a genus of monocotyledonous plants, which has almost hundreds of different species and in this family onions and garlic are also included. Allium is basically a Latin word whose literary meaning is garlic. It is also commonly called as ornamental onion due to its onion-like cluster appearance it is thought to be one […]

What Happens If No One Is Home for Flower Delivery in Singapore?

Flower delivery in Singapore has been a trend in terms of gift-giving no matter what the occasion is. Little Flower Hut Florists craft beautiful designs and make each flower arrangement more meaningful and attractive to suit all types of occasions. Delivery of flowers is also handled by our own delivey team and professional couier , […]

All about Camellia – History, Meaning, Facts, Care & More

Camellia is a flowering plant genus in the Theaceae family. These attractive flowers are found widespread across Eastern and Southern Asia, covering regions from the Himalayas to countries like Japan and Indonesia. These are dense shrubs having brilliant foliage. Camellias provide bring and long-blooming flowers. Facts about Camellia There are about 100-300 various species of […]

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