What Happens If No One Is Home for Flower Delivery in Singapore?

Flower delivery in Singapore has been a trend in terms of gift-giving no matter what the occasion is. Little Flower Hut Florists craft beautiful designs and make each flower arrangement more meaningful and attractive to suit all types of occasions. Delivery of flowers is also handled by our own delivey team and professional couier , giving considerations to the design of flowers and how each bouquet should be handled so that it will arrive at the best quality and condition. We usually deliver throughout the area and within Singapore from Mondays to Sundays and even public holiday. If you are sending the gifts of flowers to the celebrant on a special day and on holidays, you can choose from same-day flower delivery, express delivery, and next day delivery of flowers. Some flower deliveries were intended as a surprise. But what will happen if the recipient is not home or no one is there to accept the flowers you ordered for delivery? Check this out:

  • Florist Delivery to Residential Address

Based on the our company rules, in case the recipient is not home to receive the flower bouquet you sent, the courier partner will opt to leave the flower to anyone who also lives in the same address. But if there is no one at home to receive the flowers at the given address, the delivery man will either leave the bouquet to neighbors or come back again after a few hours (additional fee). There are neighbors who are kind enough to receive the package and wait for the recipient to claim it when they arrive. A note or card saying that flower delivery is left at a particular neighbor should still be placed at the recipient’s door to let them know that the delivery is there waiting for their collection.

After coming back and no one is still available to receive the flowers, the delivery man should leave the flower bouquet in a safe place within the property. It can be at the front porch or in a bench near the door, provided that the area is shaded and against the direct sunlight.

On the other hand, based on the company rules, the flowers can be brought back on the following day to ensure that there is someone to receive the bouquet. As a general rule of the company, a card stating that there is a flower delivery awaiting the recipient. Noting that the flower is perishable and requesting recipient’s collection on the following day is a must, in case the delivery man will not deliver. Recipient may also call the florist to schedule the delivery at their most convenient time.

  • Florist Delivery to Business Address

Delivery of flower bouquets to business addresses is also possible. Our florist will send the flowers through the courier to the given address. Some companies do not allow flowers to be brought to the offices but permit their security personnel to accept the delivery on behalf of the recipient. The delivery man will leave the delivery at the reception area with notes stating the name of the recipient.

Moreover, there are instances wherein the flower delivery is not accepted or successfully delivered because the office is closed or the security refused to accept. In such a case, the delivery man will attempt delivery the following day (additional fee). Delivery of flowers to the funeral homes is also performed as instructed by the sender. We will contact the funeral home to verify the delivery details and to make sure that the flowers will be received.

  • Flower Delivery to Hospital Address

Flowers to hospital addresses are also handled and offered by us in Singapore. In case the patient is already discharged and no one will be there to accept the delivery, the courier will return the package to the shop and wait for further instructions. However, the flowers for delivery will still be processed to be delivered to specific address. ittle Flower Hut team will call the sender to inform that the recipient is no longer in the hospital. The sender may wish to cancel the delivery [non refunable] or send it to the patient’s home address instead.

  • Option to Leave the Package Outside the House

Although it is not an option and most florists and couriers avoid it, leaving the package outside the house may also be considered provided that the sender or the recipient instructed it. On the other hand, leaving flower bouquets outside is done carefully. The flowers should be durable enough to stay at its beautiful condition. It should be placed in a safe place and under shades to avoid sunlight from damaging the flowers. It should also be in a higher place so that pets and kids will not be able to reach it until the recipient comes. In those instances, the delivery man should consider the weather. But then again, even in extreme weather or unfavorable instances, if the recipient or sender insists that the delivery should be left outside, the courier and the florist will not be responsible for the quality of the flower bouquet anymore.

Sending flower delivery to someone sometimes happens or intended as a surprise, which leads to unexpected arrival. Recipients may not be always there to receive the package. But this is not a problem because the flower shop and the courier can do all the possibilities in order to have your flowers delivered.  We are committed to deliver to anywhere in Singapore whether to home or business address or to hospitals and dormitories.

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