How to Start Flower Delivery Business in Singapore?

Here are the Steps to Start a Flower Delivery Business

For centuries, flowers have been in huge demand all over the world because of its appeal, beauty, and charm. Flowers are also expressive of emotions and feelings that you want to convey. Whenever you need to say something to a person, you can effectively use flowers and the recipient will understand your message even without saying a word. Because of this demand, many florists love to have their own flower delivery business. If you are one of them and you want to start your own flower shop, here are the things that you need to accomplish and furnish first:


  • Decide on your capital

If you want to start a flower delivery business, you should have a specific amount of money for the capital. The capital must be large enough to cover all the expenses for the startup of your business and for the first quarter or semester of operations, including the costs of gaining necessary permits to operate. Typically, a flower business requires a startup capital of $10,000 to $50,000 or even higher. The exact amount may vary depending on the chosen location, products and services to offer, and more. Deciding on capital before proceeding to business will help you make through the first months of operations.


  • Find a location

If you are renting a place for your flower delivery business, try to find a location that is high traffic for passersby and potential customers. It could be a stall near the market or church, hospital, offices, and schools. If you plan to set up the business in one corner of your home or yard, it is best to have your flower delivery website so that you can sell online.


  • Formulate a business plan

It is important and necessary to write and formulate a business plan even for a small flower shop. It should include all the details about the business, your market, the market analysis, feasibility study of the business, operation of the business, as well as the expected expenses and proposed budget. Having a business plan will help your business to start right and to operate according to plan. This will also track your business to grow and become productive. In addition to that, potential investors and lenders may be able to help fund your business if you have a feasible business plan.


  • Know where to get your supplies

You need flower supplies weekly or monthly or bi-monthly to provide the flowers and flower arrangements with fresh flowers. If you plan to source out from a local farmer or supplier, it is more profitable for your business if you will buy flowers on wholesale. Know which suppliers and farmers can serve you right and most convenient to your shop and to your time. On the other hand, if you or your family has a flower farm, you may want to source out all your flower supplies from this source. This way you will be able to get the flowers anytime you want.


  • Look for a courier or delivery service provider

Your flowers may reach the farthest region of the country through a courier or delivery service. You can have the flowers delivered to its destination in no time at all if you will work with a delivery company. On the other hand, you can also hire your own personnel who will handle all the deliveries. It is important to consider that most of the flowers nowadays are preferred to be delivered than picked up.


  • Name your flower delivery business

A catchy name is always a must when it comes to business. However, with the large availability of online florists operating worldwide, you have to think of a business name that is unique and still available. With businesses operating online, your next step is to have a website for your flower delivery business. This will need a domain and the name of your domain is the name of your business. The domain name should be available to be registered. Consider checking the availability of the domain name before you finally decide on the name of your business.


  • Build your website

If you are operating online, you will need to build your website first. Designing and programming of the website can be sourced out from the experts. Make sure that your site has all the pictures and images of the flowers you want to sell. Website content is also necessary. Make sure the contents are fresh and new every now and then. Prices and availability of flowers and delivery should be provided in the website. Everything should be handled well professionally. If you are not an expert, it is best to hire one who has the expertise in the said field.


  • Market your shop

Even before the business operates, you can start marketing your business through your social media, pages, and online appearances. You can have blogs and pre-launch write ups to let the people know, especially in the online world that you are starting a flower shop and that you are operating online. Marketing and online advertising of your flower delivery business may require you to take extra effort. If you can’t do it efficiently, hire one who can do it for your website. Your friends may help you, too, in spreading the news of your flower business to their friends.

Starting up a flower delivery business is not a game or just an urge to sell flowers. You have to plan everything from step one to all the steps. With the right guidelines and tips from the experts, there is no reason why you will never make it.