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Singapore Best Flower Arrangement classes

Do you wish to impart impeccable flower arrangement tactics easily? If yes, then join the Singapore Best Flower Arrangement classes at Little Flower Hut Florist. The professionals here will help you take flower arrangements to a whole new world, as their learning methods are very easy to learn. They will provide you with all the essential material required to master the art. The classes aim to provide flower arrangement tutorials for casuals as well as fancy events. The course provided will allow you to experiment with your ideas across thousands of flowers and events. To know more about the workshop, give a call at +65 6503 9750.

Flower Workshop for Individual (Hobbyist) and Corporate Event (Team Bonding)

Hobbies make our lives better. Gardening and arranging flowers are some of the hobbies that some of us have that relax our brains. Little Flower Hut offers customized flower arranging services to help various hobbyists to soak up the amazing work of flower arranging.

Flower arrangement is a great way to take a break from your busy working environment and truly enjoy each other’s companion. Our flower workshop not only enhances team building, but it also helps you to develop an aesthetic eye for colours, shapes, design and artistic coordination. Come join us with your colleagues and friends to create a stunning flower arrangement for your home and office today.

Here are some flower jamming classes we offer

 Fun Floral workshops for beginners

– Modern Floral Design Class

-Wedding Flower Bouquet Workshop

– Dried Flower Arrangement Workshop

– Hand Tie Bouquet Workshop

 Vase Arrangement Workshop

To avail, more information about our workshops email us.

Fun Floral workshops for beginners

Do you know? Flower arranging can be a fun task. The professionals at Little Flower Hut have been providing amusing floral workshops for plenty of years. Their fun-loving classes can help you get a good-paying job at a huge corporate or can help you start your own business. Our special fun floral workshops for beginners have helped various students of ours to start a fruitful business of their own. To know more about the classes give us a ring at +65 6503 9750.

Modern Floral Design Class

Looking for something new to learn regarding the flower arrangements? If yes, then give a call to join the alluring modern floral design classes at Little Flower Hut. The professionals here will teach new ways to arrange flowers for various occasions. Moreover, they have various kinds of flower arrangements for various events and occasions that you may have not heard before. Our trainers can teach you to arrange flowers for corporate events, baby shower, graduation ceremonies, and various others. To learn more, contact the number mentioned above.

Wedding Flower Bouquet Workshop

Little Flower Hut is here with its amazing wedding flower bouquet workshop. the workshop focuses on choosing the right flowers for the wedding bouquet, arranging it in a beautiful arrangement and, deciding other beautiful ways to make it attractive. The workshop also focuses on choosing wedding halls with appropriate flowers. The trainers at Bloom company are responsible for a majority of beautiful weddings in Singapore. Also, they are looking forward to giving dome more such weddings. To know more about our wedding flower bouquet workshop, give a call at +65 6503 9750.

Dried Flower Arrangement Workshop

Till now, dried flowers have been either used as a potpourri or may be thrown away brutally into the dustbin. Well, the professionals at Little Flower Hut have come up with their exclusive dried flower arrangement workshop that uses the dead beauties to decorate halls and other things. These are pocket-friendly way if decorating and, still can serve the purpose of sprucing things. The dried flower arrangement workshop also includes using artificial plants and trees to decorate the events and occasions. Limited seats only! Join now give a call.

Hand Tie Bouquet Workshop

Bouquets are the best gifts anyone could ever gift to someone. Little Flower Hut’s hand tie bouquet workshop can help you make beautiful bouquets by yourself. You can learn any kind of arrangements, like crescent-shaped, waterfall bouquets, round bouquets, and more. The hand tie bouquet workshop includes a synchronized process of learning. The professionals here will cater to all your needs while making the learning process fun for you. To take admission in our hand tie bouquet workshop, drop us an email at

Vase Arrangement Workshop

Flower vases are one of the most common pieces of decorations in residential as well as commercial places. Due to the increasing demand for flower vases, Little Flower Hut has come up with its enticing vase arrangement workshop. The classes focus on making an appropriate choice of flowers as per the vase, arranging them according to the ambiance, making the right color combination, and others. Also, the workshop focuses on helping you arrange both artificial as well as real flowers. The workshop is offered at a reasonable price. Join now!

Want something different for your next team building event?

Join our contemporary & innovative style through highly popular seasonal Flower Workshop /Class. Discover our refreshing approach to floral design. Our classes are for students of all skill levels from beginners to professionals.

At Little Flower Hut, we are love to share our expertise and skills with you. Our experienced instructor will be on hand to teach you the designs and techniques, and to answer any questions you may have.


How it work?

After a full demonstration by our instructor, individual is tasked to reproduce flower arrangement within a given time frame. The highlight to the challenge is to encourage participate to use their time management skills effectively. Our aim is to build leadership qualities and teamwork of the participant and promote communication, coordination and negotiation skills.

Arrangement that our workshops cover; flowers for home, hand bouquet, wedding flowers & seasonal flowers such as centrepiece for Christmas,  gift ideas and many more.

What is the minimum/ maximum number of participants?

No Restriction.

The flower workshop can take place at our workshop or at your workplace. We look forward to seeing you!


How do I arrange a booking?

Full Payment is required for confirmation. 2 weeks prior to each private workshop.

For more details, please call Little Flower Hut directly.

What is the pricing like?

Price starts from $70/pax (Inclusive of flower material).

Each arrangement takes about an hour.