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At 2 am, I called many florists to get a bouquet sent to my wife but non were answering. Only Little Flower Hut was open. Life Saver. Flower was delivered in an hour, the flower bouquet was beautiful. Thank you Esther. Highly recommended.

Mark / Bishan

Called them and Order at 12am. Everything was done perfectly – a balloon, a bouquet of fresh flowers, delivered time within 45min. Only Florist in Singapore open late at night. I will sure order again.

Mr Tan / Upper Changi Road

I was very frustrated initially until I found this florist. Online you will see many florists say that they only mid-night but none were answering the call except Little Flower Hut. True to their words, they deliver my hand bouquet with 90min. Thank you Jean. Recommended.

John / JB, Malaysia

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Finding the perfect lily bouquet for your anniversary in Singapore

Are you planning your wedding anniversary celebration? Keep in mind that every anniversary has a special flower associated with the year of celebration. Several years in your marriage can be celebrated with different varieties of the lily bouquet.

Your Second Year anniversary flowers are lilies of the valley. A bouquet of this type of lily symbolizes happiness, devotion, and the purity of heart. There is also a romantic story tied to this flower. It is said that a nightingale had a very strong affection for the lily of the valley flower that it lingered until springtime to see the flower bloom before it returned to the woods.

Your 6th-anniversary flowers are calla lilies. This type of flower may be reminiscent of the flowers on your wedding day if your bride opted for this type of flower. Calla lilies are indeed popular in a wedding bouquet. On your 6th anniversary, a calla lily hand bouquet is a representation of your growth in marriage and the transition you continually make. It is also significant of the shared wisdom that you gained in your marriage.

Your 30th Anniversary flowers are lilies. The sweet, fragrant, star-shaped lilies represent pride, beauty, and devotion. It is a testament to your three decades of marriage. You can give red lilies which symbolize passion.

When giving a lily bouquet to a girl you like, be sure to steer clear of calla lilies as they give off a wedding vibe. You may send a mixed bouquet of white lilies and red roses or pair lilies with daisies and irises to create a dramatic effect. Pink lilies are perfect with blue irises for a spring bouquet or a summer bouquet.

Lilies are also acceptable as birthday flowers along with balloons, a teddy bear, or chocolates. You may have to avoid giving a lily bouquet to a cat mum. Lilies are toxic to a cat household.

Lilies generally symbolize purity, femininity, and love. However, there are times when giving a lily bouquet may be misconstrued. For instance, orange lilies carry the message of pride, hatred, and disdain. Yellow lilies may be given as birthday flowers or celebration flowers as these symbolize happiness, but yellow lilies have another meaning and that is to stir up anxiety.

Pink lilies can also mean two things. First, it can convey the message of attraction and infatuation. Another meaning is suggestive of vanity and should be avoided as a gift to the hostess of a party as it can come with the message that the celebration is in vain. Downward-facing lilies should not be given to elder folks as it is a reminder of death.

A white lily bouquet is acceptable as funeral flowers. In Christian funerals, lilies can be arranged in a floral tribute. It is also paired with daisies or orchids in Shinto or Buddhist funeral ceremonies. When giving a white lily bouquet for a different occasion, it is best to combine the flowers with bright-colored flowers.

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