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Premium Hand Bouquet

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What Some of Customer Say

At 2 am, I called many florists to get a bouquet sent to my wife but non were answering. Only Little Flower Hut was open. Life Saver. Flower was delivered in an hour, the flower bouquet was beautiful. Thank you Esther. Highly recommended.

Mark / Bishan

Called them and Order at 12am. Everything was done perfectly – a balloon, a bouquet of fresh flowers, delivered time within 45min. Only Florist in Singapore open late at night. I will sure order again.

Mr Tan / Upper Changi Road

I was very frustrated initially until I found this florist. Online you will see many florists say that they only mid-night but none were answering the call except Little Flower Hut. True to their words, they deliver my hand bouquet with 90min. Thank you Jean. Recommended.

John / JB, Malaysia

A single stalk rose for your one great love in Singapore

Roses are universally known as a symbol of great love. It’s one thing to receive a dozen red roses or a 99 rose bouquet and another when you receive a perfectly-picked fresh-cut single stalk rose or a single Rose bouquet.

It stands as a testament that you are chosen as your partner’s significant other. It feels as if your love is the only kind in this world and it’s irreplaceable. Oh, how you’ve caught your partner’s eye from the moment it was clear that you are the long-awaited love.

A single rose is also meant for people in your life whose role cannot be played by any other. It’s for your mother who will always be the special woman who made sacrifices to bring you to life. It’s for your grandparents and your best friend too. That one rose stood out among a field of roses. It was meant for the receiver as the recipient is made for the giver.

Every color of rose stands for a special meaning. We know that a single red rose is symbolic of passionate, romantic love. It’s a special way to say “I love you.”

A single white rose is a man’s go-to when he wants to say “I’m sorry” to his wife and can also be for your girlfriend or boyfriend. But you don’t have to be apologetic to give a single white rose as it also stands for pure love and innocence. You can give it to someone you’re dating or to a young person you want to encourage.

A single yellow rose sends the message of happiness in your relationship. But do know that a single yellow rose can also signify that you are jealous. When sending this color of single stalk rose, it is best to write on a card to be clear on what you mean.

A single pink rose is an expression of gratitude and is a perfect give on Mother’s Day. For your best friend, a single peach rose will convey the message of friendship. For someone whose beauty you admire, a single purple rose is a gift you’re meant to give.

Finally, a single black rose literally carries the meaning: “it’s over.” When ending a relationship this way, be sure to have the rose delivered with a note.

There are several options for sending a single rose. You can send a bare stalk with no wrapping. Be sure to have the rose de-thorned so you can leave open a few buttons and smile an irresistible smile with the rose in between your teeth. If that’s too die-hard romantic for you, simply hand over the rose to the recipient from his or her back. You can also give it while standing in front of the receiver as you express your message. You can also order a single stalk rose from your Little Flower Hut local flower delivery in Singapore and have it delivered to the recipient’s address.

You can also opt to have the single stalk rose wrapped in a clear plastic wrapper tied with a simple ribbon. To make it more special, the rose can be hand-wrapped in special paper or encased in a special rectangular box. Surprise your loved one today by ordering a stand-out rose from your Singapore florist.