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What’s the difference between a buttonhole, boutonniere and corsage?

Weddings are very important and special and everyone wants to make this occasion a very memorable one because it happens once in a lifetime. When planning a wedding there are many things one must think about and get them done and the choice and arrangement of wedding flowers is just one of them. Most of […]

Surprise Your Love One with Flower at Video Conference during Circuit Breaker Lock Down

Lockdown during this pandemic of covid19 is prevailing all around the world. Social distancing is the only topic to discuss today and everyone is experiencing social distancing to save himself and others from the worst effects of coronavirus. Every social activity is stopped and moving freely has become a dream these days. Not only social […]

Get Well Soon Messages

It is not always easy to find the right words to say to offer comfort and bring smile to someone who is sick. If a friend, family member, or relative is recovering from sickness or operation, you have to be careful with words because you will never want to say something insensitive and inappropriate. Fortunately, […]

All about Daphne – History, Meaning, Facts, Care & More

Daphne, sort of around fifty types of blossoming bushes of Thymelaeaceae or the mezereum family local to Eurasia yet generally grown for their structure and bloom bunches. The most notable species incorporate low-developing evergreen sorts that are regularly developed in the outskirts and rocky gardens in mellow atmospheres.   The spurge-tree (D. laureola) is one […]

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