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How Much Money (Ang Pao/Red Packet) Do You Give At A Baby Shower in Singapore?

Giving gifts at baby showers can be a bit tricky. The choices for baby’s gifts are endless and it can be overwhelming to see all those beautiful and adorable baby items in lovely prints and colors. Among the most common choices available for this occasion include gender-related and gender-neutral baby clothes, baby feeding bottles, baby […]

Factors to Consider While Choosing the Right Flower Delivery Vehicle

Ready to purchase your new flower delivery van? But before you just buy it in excitement, you must consider some specific factors for a better experience. But what are those factors? So here we have collected some of the most important factors you must consider before purchasing your flower delivery van to avoid any regrets […]

Do you Need Refrigerated Vans for your Flower Delivery?

If you own a flower business? Then you may know that it is more than just growing flowers and watering them regularly! You need to be creative about your choices and expenditures. Every flower business requires a van to deliver flowers to different destinations where clients have requested. Flowers are delicate and they wilt if […]

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