Why buy Baby Hamper in Singapore for Baby’s Full Month Party?

For most Asian families, the first full month of a baby is a primary milestone and a huge reason for celebration in Singapore. This tradition dates back to old times when life was a bit difficult and a full month of great health was a good omen for the future of the baby.

Today, the first full month marks the confinement period’s end for mother and baby. The arrival of a newborn is an ecstatic event that is marked by different rituals and customs in Chinese culture. Usually, it is followed by customary rituals like the confinement of the mother for 30 days, making offerings to the deities and ancestors, and making sure that the mother consumes an appropriate diet.

Also, it is time to have a grand celebration to introduce the baby to the world officially. On this special occasion, people who are invited to the ceremony take gifts like baby hampers along with them to show their happiness and love.


Special Rituals for Full Month in Singapore

There are lots of rituals that normally take place before parents finally show off their newborn baby, which could be either on the actual date or before the child turns a month old. These rituals include making offerings to ancestors, lighting incense, a cleansing bath for the mother, a bath for the newborn in water having hard-boiled eggs for symbolizing renewal and birth, and offerings flowers and coins for a bright and prosperous future.

Also, the newborn even get their first haircut, where both kid and mother wear gold jewelry and new clothes, usually of red color for good luck.


What is a baby’s full month party?

The Chinese consider the end of the complete 30 days since birth as the first birthday of the newborn. While the celebration may vary, many families still celebrate the 30th day of the newborn’s birth.

The full month party of a baby is where all the excitement and fun begin with friends and extended family for giving their blessings to the newborn as well as for drinking and eating. These parties vary based on the budget and wishes of the new parents.

Some parties are intimate, small gatherings that parents organize at their home, while other parties are full-fledged family affairs with music, dancing, and buffets in a restaurant, reception hall, or hotel. Also, the party takes place when the parents announce the name of the infant officially, which is chose traditionally by the paternal grandfather.

In Singapore, mothers celebrate the full month by throwing a baby shower. There are friends and guests who come for celebrating with them. To make the occasion more memorable and special for all, guests come with presents for the baby. One of the ideal gifts for a newborn baby is a baby hamper. This serves as the most amazing welcome gift for coming into the lives of the family as well as into the world.


What can you expect at a baby’s full month party?

No matter how big or small the baby’s full month party is, you will be having lots and lots of food on offer. Also, it again depends on the tastes of the family, so you can have anything from contemporary cuisine to traditional Chinese recipes.

Traditionally, the full month party offers red foods as they represent happiness and luck. Every guest will get symbolic gifts, such as hard-boiled eggs that are dyed red. These eggs featuring an even number for a girl and an odd number for a boy represent new life.

Also, there are red glutinous rice cakes, which are locally called ang ku kueh. The shape of this turtle-shaped cakes is round for a baby boy and flat for a baby girl, which represents wealth and longevity. The dish’s fillings could be of different types, which you can select from like mung bean, durian, and peanut.

Not just that, but friends, colleagues, and relatives also receive customized butter cakes, which is a tradition. Nowadays, modern parents may go for sweeter treats like cookies, chocolates, or cupcakes.

In Singapore, most baby showers are organized by friends and family, especially if the mother is not fully recovered from the child delivery. If you are one of the organizers, then try to follow the best baby shower ideas for making the event memorable, enjoyable, and fun for all the guests and the parents too.

Here, you have to look for the best venue, the program, and the food. Along with that, you need to notify guests in advance of what baby item they should bring and what gender the newborn is for the presents they will bring.


Gift Ideas for Baby’s Full Month Party

The full month party is almost like a baby shower, where guests get an opportunity for showering the parents and newborn with gifts. Usual gifting suggestions include baby clothing, piggy banks, jewelry, soft toys, keepsakes, and necessities like towels, bibs, and blankets. If you are thinking of something thoughtful, then go for beautiful baby hampers.

Bringing a baby hamper is an amazing way to let the family know how special they are to you. It becomes difficult to choose a baby shower gift, especially for people who have not done shopping for the baby items before. You can look for baby hampers online as you get many options to select from. Along with cute and beautiful baby hampers, you can buy some flowers to make it more special for the parents.

So, it is important to bring baby hampers to celebrate the baby’s full month celebration. However, giving presents to the baby is not compulsory but it is a way to show your happiness for the parents for having a new member of the family. So, look for the best baby hamper in Singapore to present to your loved ones. Each hamper comprises of the baby items and a bunch of flowers for the parents, especially the mother. By giving a hamper, you make them happy and feel special for having you as their guests.