Tips for Washing Baby Clothes

Little baby clothes are actually gorgeous in their own way. These clothes tend to become an important part of the precious memories parents hold of their baby as it grows. Thus, it becomes important to take care of them for durability. It also helps to keep the skin of the baby healthy and clean before it tries out any of the new clothes. While you’re washing or taking care of those baby’s clothes, there are few things you surely need to keep in your mind. Below we will talk about the best tips to help you get started with taking care of your baby’s clothes in a better way.


Clean everything before it gets to your baby

Did you ever wear any piece of cloth twice or thrice on repeat without washing it? If Yes! Then that’s something else we won’t judge you for. You must make sure you don’t repeat the same with the baby’s clothes. Why? There’s a high chance that those new clothes you bought may have come in contact with chemicals and other poisonous substances during the process of manufacturing and transport. However, the skin of the baby is more sensitive in comparison to yours. You must ensure that the clothes you buy for them are very clean and organic. No matter where you’ve bought the clothes of the baby or received as a new baby gift, check it before the baby tries it out. The clothes from Little Flower Hut are non-toxic, 100% organic, made of cotton, and are eco-friendly dyed. However, it is recommended that you still wash them before your baby wears them.


Using detergents free from harsh chemicals, colors, perfumes, or similar ingredients

You may find many unique “baby detergents” in the market. However, at the same time, you may also come across “adult detergents” which are gentle on your baby’s skin and also meet up the above-required criteria.

If you steer clear of most of the dryer sheets and fabric softeners, you can surely get rid of any possible allergens and irritants reaction. Once you find your preferred detergent, keep using the same. Switching constantly between the brands can make it hard for you to explore the origin of the reaction from any particular chemicals. BabyGearLab has tested a range of detergents that are both equally good and average in quality for laundering clothes for the baby.


Deal with spills and stains immediately

It feels bad to tell you, but all these new baby clothes you bought will get spills and stains on them sooner than you think. For keeping the baby’s clothes hygienic, durable, and cleaner, you have to ensure that stains and spills are cleaned up with water as fast as possible. Using cold water usually works the best. Otherwise, keep a stain remover that is eco-friendly as a backup. Mindful Momma offers a list of such products tried and tested by experts.


Check out care instructions mentioned on the cloth tag

It might sound pretty obvious, but these care instructions on the clothing are printed for the purpose. The manufacturer of the product knows better about its product and how to take care of it more than anyone. If you’re following the recommendations printed on the clothing, drying instructions, temperature, and others, then there’s no doubt you’re doing what’s exactly required. There is a chance you might also be in favor of using hot water on the baby’s clothes. Indeed, having the idea that it’s disinfecting those clothes, hot water actually proves helpful in deep cleaning of clothes like underwear. In reality, though, cold water is the best because it acts more gently on a baby’s clothes (and any other thing). While we’re at it, hot water doesn’t sterilize your clothes. You’ve to manually choose the “sanitize” mode on your washing machines.


Preserving the baby’s clothes for future purposes

Babies grow up faster than you can imagine. After a while, those same clothes don’t fit them anymore but being in great condition, you can put them off for future purposes. However, if you’re thinking about storing the clothes or giving them to someone else, you should consider checking out “How to Store Baby Clothes and Keepsakes”.

If you have no particular future use of those clothes then instead of throwing them out, you can donate them to somebody in need. A program called “Pickup Please” is run by the Veterans of America. The program offers an amazing way to donate your baby’s unnecessary or outgrown clothes to other families who are in great need.

If you’re creative with your ideas, you can show us those contents related to your baby that are also close to your heart. We would love to see those CRAFTS & DIY that allows you to make some keepsakes out of the unnecessary or outgrown baby’s clothes.

Happy Laundering!