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Can You Bring An Orchid Back to Life?

Growing Orchids at home provides joy and satisfaction. You will enjoy beautiful flowers for a long period of time. Aftercare and maintenance of the orchid plant, they will soon bloom into colorful and attractive flowers. But what happens when Orchids start to look raggedy and leaves droop and turn into yellow color? Are these a […]

Why Are Orchids So Expensive?

Orchids are not just rare and unique, but they are expensive, too. There are several reasons why orchids are expensive. If you find the common Phalaenopsis, Cattleyas, and beautiful blooms of Orchids in a flower bouquet or flower arrangements, some of them are at a great deal of prices. But there are orchids they are […]

Can Orchids Grow in Water?

Orchids are naturally grown by allowing its roots to cling to the trees and absorb water, nutrients, and air. They are known as epiphytic but they can also grow and thrive in potting mix. Orchids can grow without soil, but they can never grow without water. On the other hand, too much water may cause […]

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