How to Care for Your Potted Christmas Tree in Singapore?

Christmas is the season to be thankful and bond with your family. Families reunite and exchange gifts on the eve of Christmas. Admit it, having a Christmas tree at home makes the holiday season even more special and meaningful. And it makes it even more meaningful if you and your whole family decorate it together.

But if your space is too small for a Christmas tree, you can opt for a potted Christmas tree. Yes, you have read it right. There are potted Christmas trees that you can purchase from a garden store or even from your local florist. In fact, miniature potted Christmas trees can be found anywhere especially in the floral section of your supermarket. They are usually 18 to 24 inches in height. If you are planning to have one this Christmas, here are some of the tips that you should remember in taking care of your own potted Christmas tree.

  1. Wait until your potted Christmas tree to be accustomed to a new climate inside your home before you can re-pot them. Most of the Christmas trees that you can purchase are root-bound which means its roots have confined in the pot where they grew.

However, you have to re-pot your potted Christmas tree because they need fresh and new soil. So, wait until your tree has acclimated to the climate that you have at home. Typically, you can re-pot them 3 to 4 weeks after you purchased them. So, make sure to buy them before Christmas starts.

  1. Put your potted Christmas tree away from heat sources that may potentially dry out its foliage. Did you know that Christmas trees are sensitive to drafts and radiators and other heat sources?

If you are placing your tree in a room near an independent heat source, shut it off every time you leave the place or room. If you are decorating your tree using an LED, it is better. Avoid using any light bulbs or fairy lights because they are heat sources that can damage your tree.

  1. Instead of putting them in an area near any heat source, place them in a cool spot of your house. Most varieties of potted Christmas trees require to be put in a place with a cool temperature. However, you have to protect them from any sudden changes in temperature.

  1. Keep the soil of your potted Christmas tree slightly moist. But if you are having a rosemary tree, there’s no need to keep the soil slightly moist. Instead, allow its soil to almost dry before watering them. Take out the foil wrapping around its pot when you are watering them. The wrapping actually holds the water that drains from its pot.

  1. Pick the perfect spot for your potted Christmas tree. Put your tree in a semi-sunny area. The ideal spot where you can place your tree is near a window where it can only get minimal sunlight. Just like any other plants, potted Christmas tree can dry out quickly too. Do not put your potted tree in an area where it is susceptible to getting heat. The heat can dry out easily the Christmas tree and can potentially start a fire. Also, do not place your tree near the fireplace especially if you left it unattended.

When to Purchase Potted Christmas Tree

If you are determined to have a potted Christmas tree, you should at least purchase it a month before Christmas. The tip in making a potted Christmas tree last longer is by waiting until as close to Christmas as possible and keep it indoors for as little time as possible.

Some Benefits of Having a Potted Christmas Tree

  • Once the Christmas season is over, you can plant your potted Christmas tree outside. Instead of cutting down trees and discard it afterward, your potted tree will continue to live even after many years. You are not only helping the environment, but you are also providing a natural habitat for wildlife. Trees also provide clean air.

  • Potted Christmas trees have an amazing scent. So, instead of buying sprays that are harmful in the environment, you can have an alternative like potted Christmas trees. Why buy a candle or artificial pine scent that will cost you money when you can have a safe and natural fragrant at home?

  • Having a potted Christmas tree every year can serve as a family bonding or tradition. Since there are a lot of varieties of evergreen growing, you can try a different one every year. You can also ask a family member of yours to pick one every holiday. But even if the Christmas season is over, you can still plant your potted Christmas tree outdoor. In that way, you are trying to relive the holiday season and the Christmas tradition of your family. If you are planting your potted tree after the holiday season, just dig a hole in your desired area preferably in the late fall just before the first breeze. The size of the hole must be twice as wide as the root ball. Then fill the hole with mulch and protect the soil with a tarp until you are ready to plant your Christmas tree.

Having a potted Christmas tree is always a good idea especially if you want to save a lot of space at home. If you know how to take care of your potted Christmas tree, they will surely last longer.

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