35 Congratulations Messages for Official and Grand Opening in Singapore

How Do You Congratulate Someone on a New Venture?

Every grand opening of a business, whether it is a new one or another branch, is an opportunity for a grand celebration. Opening a new business or a new shop in Singapore is a wonderful milestone to be proud of. This joyful occasion should be celebrated with your family, friends, and business associates. On the other hand, if you know someone expanding the business or opening a new branch, or perhaps on the first step to put up a new business, sending a grand opening flower stand Singapore with a congratulations message is a special way of showing your support and encouragement. Let your friend or colleague know that you congratulate him or her by sending a flower delivery of congratulations flowers along with one of these appropriate congratulatory messages for the grand opening of a business:

Short and Simple Best Wishes for New Business Opening

  • “Best wishes for your new venture! May your business become prosperous for the years to come. Congratulations!”
  • “Congratulations! I wish that your new business will become fruitful and productive for the coming years.”
  • “Congratulations and God bless! You deserve the best celebration on the grand opening of your business.”
  • “No doubt, you are bound to be successful. Best wishes to you on the grand opening of your new business.”
  • “Best wishes and good luck. Congratulations to you and to your new business. You finally made your dream come true.”


Popular Congratulatory Message for Official Opening

  • “Congratulations to you and to your new shop. May all your dreams for a prosperous business come true. All the best for your shop!”
  • “Heartfelt greetings of congratulations to you for the opening of your new business. May you accomplish your dreams with success.”
  • “Congratulations on the grand opening of your new shop. May all go well with you on your new business. We are proud of you!”
  • “Congratulations! It is an honor for me to witness and be a part of the grand opening of your business. May you reach your goal to success.”
  • “All the luck for you and your new business. Your hard work paid off and it’s time for a wonderful and joyful celebration.”

Personalized Congratulation New Shop Opening Wishes

  • “I am sending my warmest greetings to you on the grand opening of your business. I am proud of you and the success you achieved because you worked hard for it.”
  • “I would like to heartily and sincerely congratulate you on the grand opening of your new business. I wish that you continue to prosper in all your endeavors.”
  • “I am offering a toast to your success for the opening of a new business. May your business prosper even more throughout the years.’
  • “You finally made it. Congratulations and best wishes. We are proud of your success.”
  • “Good luck with your new business! May you reach your goals and have more new shops in the future.” 

Sincere Congratulations Message for Success in Business


  • “Wishing you all the best as you start a new venture and dream more for the success of your business. I am sure that, with your dedication and passion, you will win more new customers.”
  • “May you have all the luck as you open a new business and start your step to prosperity. Sending your way all the best wishes.”
  • “After the hard work and struggles, you finally achieved your success. Congratulations on the grand opening day of your business. May you achieve bigger success in the coming years.”
  • “Accept my sincerest congratulations on your grand opening day. You deserve the success for the determination and perseverance you exerted.”
  • “Heartiest congratulations on the opening of your new shop. May you continue to prosper and rise higher in your endeavors for the success of your business.”


Formal Grand Opening Wishes Quotes for Corporate Company


  • “Congratulations on the Grand Opening of your business. Wishing your business never-ending success from the grand opening day to many years of operation.”
  • “A toast to the grand opening of your business! Sending you best wishes for continuous prosperity and success of the business from this day forward.”
  • “A big congratulation to you on your achievement. Your new business will surely reach greater heights and success because you are bound to be successful.”
  • “My sincere wishes and congratulations to your new business. May you prosper throughout the years and make your business successful.”
  • “My warmest greetings to you as you open a new business. I pray for more and continuous prosperous years for your venture.”

New Office Opening Wishes

  • “Best Wishes and Congratulations for the grand opening of your business. It was a great pleasure to witness your new office opens today.”
  • “Warmest congratulations on your new office grand opening. I know that this is one of your dreams, and I am proud that you made it come true.”
  • “Your hard work has truly paid off! Congratulations on the grand opening of your new office. May you continue to dream big and work hard for another business in the future.”
  • “Your new office reflects your passion and dedication. I wish you all the best in your business endeavors.”
  • “Cheers to your success! You deserve a toast as you open a new office. I know that you spent your full potentials to achieve this success.”


Congratulatory Message for Official Opening

  • “Congratulations! You proved that hard work surely does pay off. Enjoy your grand opening day and more blessings to come your way.”
  • “Sending you our joy and blessings as you open a new shop today. Congratulations and best wishes for a prosperous business.”
  • “Congratulations on your effort and hard work to put up and open a new business. You deserve a toast. Cheers to your success.”
  • “Congratulations! May God bless your new business with continuous success and more new clients for the coming years.”
  • “Sending our best wishes and warmest congratulations to you on the grand opening of your shop. We are truly proud of you.”

A friend’s grand opening day of business is an opportunity to convey your support and wishes. These are just some of the appropriate words to convey your congratulatory messages. These phrases and messages are indeed framed with love and care, as well as with greetings and prayers for continuous success throughout the years. If your friend or someone you know is opening a new business, don’t forget to send these messages and let them know that you are truly happy and proud for the achievement they reached.

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