Does a Guy Like You if He Buys Roses?

Does he just buy you roses? Are you confused that why he did that or are you the girl of the kind that doesn’t care about it at all? Well, you are here it means definitely there is a little confusion about it. But no need to worry about it. We are here to help you! Boys are normally not very expressive about their feelings. If he has done this and conveyed you a bouquet of flowers, it definitely means he has some purpose behind it and those roses surely mean something. But what? In the text below, there are some tips and some indicators and hidden messages behind his actions that might resolve the tension in your mind. Read it out and conclude:


Roses of all the colors have different meanings:

Roses exist in many colors. Each color of a rose has a different meaning lying beneath it. Read the text below:

 Red Roses: These are the true compassion, the compassion that is filled with the love of Adam and Eve, the love of yin and yang. Yes, the love that is the most commonly called as just “Love”. It shows the pure Romantic feelings for a person and the message that they adore you and want to spend their whole life with you. So, if he gives you red flowers, it’s time to say goodbye to your singlehood and get in a relationship with him (if you want). That is definitely a green signal.

Yellow Roses: Yellow is the color often associated with feelings of happiness, frankness, and friendship. More often than not, it is just a casual flower to offer and usually, a friend just hit upon other friends with a bunch of yellow flowers and says ” what is up buddy?”. Mostly given on friendship day, they are the most casual flower ever known. So, if the guy gives you yellow flowers, it means he is happy being around you and associates strong feelings of friendship with you. This is a very beautiful sign and the beginning of a BFF relationship.

A Myth: Some people associate the feelings of jealousy and rage with the color yellow, and so, yellow roses. In our opinion, anything that is made of pure love and is a gift of nature to human, can’t represent such negative feelings. This is just the wrong approach of some human beings towards life. Nature might get very angry on the humans!

White Rose: White is the symbol of purity, so does white roses. They symbolize the purity and innocence of the person. They can be seen carried by bridal symbolizing her purity. Also, they are a good choice for people who love minimalist or understated style. They can have a party that does not shout out aloud at all and is quiet and peaceful like them. This is why these are a good choice for formal parties as well. If a guy gives you a white flower, it means he considers you pure and innocent. He associates the beautiful nature and intentions with you. And this is such a cute gift to receive!

Black Rose: The Black Rose is often associated with mystic and earth-worldly things. Things that are not usual and are straight out of fairytales. If he gives a black rose, it means that he thinks that you are very ethereal and not usual or from the norm instead very special to this world. He might be comparing you with fairies, gothic creatures, and other unusual things. It also means that he is really impressed by your specific habit, or maybe your whole existence. It might show you as a powerful and strong girl out there. Wow, You Go Girl!

Pink Rose: The pink rose symbolizes Gratitude, pure intention, and Grace. These are the flowers that patients often receive with the pure intention of his health by the giver. These are the flower that little children are often found offering to their favorite teacher with the feelings of respect and gratitude towards his teachings. Not only that, but people in romantic relationships also offer each other these flowers with the feelings of purity of their love. If a guy gives you it can be quite confusing and can depend a lot on the situation instead of just color. It can be a casual expression of Gratitude for anything you did in past or it can mean love and compassion if you are in a romantic relationship. For further analysis, we refer to the text below.


The Situation matters the most:

Ok, we know that colors mean a lot but there is something else that matters a lot in addition to them. It is the situation you are into, your previous relationship with him, how long do you know each other, and many more. This can be a brainstorming point for you. Question yourself:

  • How long do you guys know each other?
  • What was his attitude towards you in the past?
  • How does he describe you?


If you feel that he is just a friend, or he is a friend back from your school time, and you know that he never had romantic feelings for you before, possibly those flowers are just a casual hook-up alert for you. These are mostly taken to the friendship area. They are good friends with you and had a great time with you. The second chance is that if you feel that the guy was acting strangely for the past few days or is nervous around you after your first meeting, there are high chances that he likes you and is your secret admirer.

Well, as the last word, we would say that communication is key in this matter too. You can just ask him about the flowers if these are things that don’t let you sleep at the night. We are sure, if he has feelings for you, he will just say it out!

So, this was our opinion on the situation. Hope you enjoyed the article.