Edible Flower in Singapore

Flowers are lovely and pleasant to look at because of the colours, scent, and natural properties. Knowing that they are from nature and that they make the surroundings look beautiful as they bloom, many people love flowers. This is actually one of the reasons why flowers are always a part of any celebration and occasion. Whether it is birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, baptismal, baby showers, bridal showers, and dates, flowers play an important role in making each celebration even more special. Little Flower Hut offers different varieties of flower arrangements. We have a lot of flowers and bouquets to choose from for any occasion.

Little Flower Hut also offers edible flowers as a unique gift idea for all kinds of occasions and celebrations. This type of flowers will surely thrill your special someone once she receives it. More than just a gift of flowers, she can also munch on it and savor its sweetness. These flowers are good to be eaten. Edible flowers are usually mistaken as ordinary flowers, and not all people are convinced that they are edible, perhaps because most flowers nowadays are infested with pesticides or fertilizers that are poisonous. Our florist will help you find the right edible flower that your loved ones would appreciate and want.

There is a list of edible flowers around the world, and in Singapore, the florist will give you the list of available flowers to choose from and you are assured that they will arrive at the recipient when delivered as fresh as you wanted it. These edible flowers are also offered for same day flower delivery, which means that you can order now and have them delivered in any place in Singapore in the afternoon. You may also request a specific date and time you want the flowers delivered.

If you are looking for a unique gift idea for birthdays, anniversaries, or other special occasions, our local florist has a lot to offer and one best gift idea is the gift of edible flowers in a nice package and bouquet. You will not only enjoy its colourful bloom and natural scent, but also its natural taste and sweetness. Nothing will surprise a loved one than to see a bouquet of flowers delivered at her doorstep, and she will be more surprised once she finds out that these flowers are edible and that they are safe to eat.


Choosing and Cooking Edible Flowers

Flowers are not only for decorations because some flowers are also edible. They can enhance not just the appearance of the dish but also the flavor. Edible flowers are widely used now in the culinary world and you can always use these flowers at home too.

Here are some of the tips on how you choose the right edible flowers:


Know your flowers

If you are planning to use flowers in your dish, cook or raw, make sure that you properly identify the plant. Not all flowers are edible, some taste really bad while others are toxic. You need to learn what flowers are edible and which are not. If you are not familiar with all edible flowers, you can always research online or ask your local florist.

You need to know the ideal quantity as well that you can add to the dish and you must take note as well if the flowers could give you stomach issues if consumed in large amounts.

Lastly, you need to know the source of your flowers. It is not good to eat flowers with pesticides. You have to avoid chemical usage as much as possible. Thus, you need to talk to your local growers or make sure that you purchase chemical-free flowers.

If you buy the flowers in the supermarkets or grocery stores, check the packaging on where these flowers come from and who grew them. It is always better to be safe than sorry.


Harvesting your flowers

When harvesting flowers here are some of the tips:

  • Perform a taste test on small amount first before harvesting the huge quantity.
  • Harvest the flowers when the dew has evaporated in the morning.
  • Do not harvest flowers that are not fully open.
  • Keep the flowers cool after harvest to maintain freshness.
  • For long-stem edible flowers, placed them in a container with water.
  • For short-stem flowers, placed them in a clean plastic bag and store in the refrigerator. Ideally, you should harvest the flowers within three to four hours of use.


Preserving your edible flowers

There are also several techniques on how to preserve edible flowers. These preservation techniques are widely used at home and in professional cooking settings. A couple of techniques are the following:

  • Edible flower candies – Some edible flowers can be candied. The simplest way to do it is to freeze it in the ice cubes and add it to several beverages. They can also be added to jams.
  • Additional flavoring – Some edible flowers are added to vinegar, salad dressings and marinades for additional flavor and odor.
  • Dried edible flowers – You can dry edible flowers and store them for future use. When you store them, place them in an airtight container and store in a cool dark place.


Different Types of Edible Flowers

  • Tuberous Begonias – Aside from the flowers, the leaves and stems of these flowers are edible. They have a citrus-sour taste. They are widely used as salad garnish. Because the flowers contain oxalic acid, it is not advisable for people with kidney stones, rheumatism and gout.
  • Wax Begonias – The flowers and leaves are edible and can be consumed raw or cooked. They have a slight bitter taste.
  • Calendula – They are commonly called marigolds. There is a wide variety of marigolds and they also give a wide range of taste. There are bitter and spicy and there are also tangy and peppery. These edible flowers are used in pasta dishes, soups, and salads. Unlike other flowers, only the petals are edible.
  • Carnations – These flowers are widely used for cake decoration. They can be candied or added into wines and vinegars. The petals have sweet taste, making it ideal for desserts.
  • Cornflower – This flower is also called as cornflower. They have a sweet and spicy taste. It is also considered as a natural food dye. Cornflowers are commonly used as a garnish.
  • Dandelions – It an edible flower from the daisy family. When picking young, the flowers can give you a sweet taste. They have honey-like flavors, but the mature flowers are bitter. Dandelions are nice to be eaten raw or steamed. The young leaves of the Dandelions can also be added to salads.
  • Hibiscus –It gives cranberry-like flavor with some hint of citrus flavor. Since it is slightly acidic, these flowers are used in salads. The fried hibiscus is great for exotic tea.
  • Pansy – Pansies have grassy, sweet flavors. The petals will give you a mild flavor. These flowers are widely used in salads, soups and desserts.
  • Roses – Roses are among the edible flowers that can give you varied flavors depending on the type, soil condition and color. They have sweet, minty and spicy flavors. All roses are edible, and they are widely used in salads, ice creams, desserts and more. They are also used in jams, spreads and syrups.
  • Tulip Petals – Generally, tulip petals can give you sweet flavors. Depending on the petals, it will give you lettuce or a cucumber-like texture.
  • Violets – Aside from the amazing sweet flavor, violets also give a very nice smell. They can be used in salads and garnish, but they are also perfect for desserts and iced drinks. Its flavor and smell will surely make your dish and drinks even more amazing.

Now that you know all these things about edible flowers, you also need to know that not all flowers are edible. You should always follow this before adding flowers to your dish – know your flowers.

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