Freeman Florist Review

[vc_row][vc_column][nitro_banner hover_effects=”style-3″ image_alignment=”tc” banner_custom_id=”nitro_custom_css_494158075″ image=”44771″][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Freeman florist is basically a local franchise which specializes in floral arrangements, rose and other floral bouquets and also in efficient and most reliable delivery services. This particular floral shop only promises the best and top quality flowers that are suitable for every occasion and need.

Freeman florist has one of the best teams who are experienced and very skilled in their field. They never hesitate to go the extra mile in order to make sure that the customers get the best floral bouquets. It is one of every few floral shops in Singapore which provides international shopping. You can tell that with their quality and unique floral designs Freeman florist has managed to have a reputable name is a floral industry.

Apart from four physical stores it also has an online website. If you are busy and cannot go to the physical store then all you need to do is just visit their website, order what you like and they will deliver it in a few days. So just by sitting home, you can have the best floral arrangements for your loved ones.

The expert team makes floral bouquets and arrangements customized for every occasion. If you want to order flowers for Valentine’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries or any other occasion then just visit their website, tell them what you want and they will make sure to craft the best floral bouquet for you.

Unlike other floral shops, Freeman florist has a whole department of quality assurance. This staff is responsible to check the quality of flowers and overall bouquets before they are dispatched to the customers.


Freeman Florist of Products

All the products that are available in Freeman florist are well sorted according to the occasion and events. If you want to order flowers for your best friend’s graduation party then there is a separate category for that. Likewise for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, New Year, you will find the flowers by going to the specific category.

The packages for weddings include corsages, bouquets, venue decors and much more. All these packages are exclusively designed to bring ease and comfort to the bride and groom’s mind who wants to have a floral-themed wedding party.

Another main feature of Freeman Florist is its specialization in some very adorable and cute animal flower arrangements. You can also have playful puppy-shaped, Dear Daniel and Hello Kitty flower arrangements and bouquets. These are great gift options for someone who loves animals and instantly these cute gifts will bring a smile to their face and the purpose will be served.

Exclusive online bundles include quite unique and exceptional gifts like soft toys and best perfumes or fragrances from 5th Avenue by Elizabeth Arden or Calvin Klein which will make the chosen gift even more special and meaningful. Once you are done and ready to check out you can either choose a souvenir card which will cost you around $3 or you can add a complimentary card with a message written on it that will cost you nothing.


Mode of Payment

In order to be customer-friendly and more approachable, Freeman Florist accepts Paypal and all other major credit cards. In case if any of the physical stores of Freeman Florist is near and easily approachable then you can pick the gift on your own. This way you will be able to save some bucks.

If you have any discount r promo codes which are often given to regular customers then enter that code in the assigned box before check out. You will get a discount of up to 10-30%. Once you are done shopping with them they automatically add you to their promotion list. The benefit of being in this list is you will be updated about new packages, products and sales.


Delivery Services

The delivery services of Freeman Florist are very reliable and efficient. If you are someone who forgets things and always does a thing at the last moment then this floral shop will serve you the best. For such last moment people, Freeman Florist offers a same-day delivery option.

You will get the order the same day you placed the order. You need to keep their timing in mind while placing the order. The delivery slots for same-day delivery are normally 10am-12pm, 1pm-6pm and from 6pm-9pm.

For local delivery, the total cost and charges will be presented at the end of the checkout page. Freeman Florist is an international floral shop but that does not mean that it ships its products worldwide. Due to the cost and everything only a few countries make it to the list of international deliveries. The list is available on their website and if you are based outside Singapore then check whether or not your country is on the list.

Once you confirm your country’s name then place the order, make the payment and once you are done with the payment make a screenshot of the payment confirmation. Then all you need to is email or WhatsApp this screenshot to Freeman Florist’s representative. Within 24 hours you will get an email confirming that your order is in process and you will get it within the set timeframe.

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