He Sent Flowers to another Girl, How you should React?

In a relationship, it is healthy and cute to exchange flowers because it helps to strengthen the bonding.

Girls especially love to receive flowers from their boyfriends because it makes them feel that their boyfriend is completely in love with them and this way her confidence is boasted.

Girls are particularly very much possessive about their boyfriends and they absolutely don’t like to share him with anyone.

But what will you do if you come to know that your boyfriend sent flowers to another girl? Should you confront him or just ignore it?

In this blog, I will share some of the things that you should do in such a situation that will also help you to find out the truth without losing temper


  1. Wait for him to tell you

Ok so now you have found out that he has sent flowers to another girl and you are curious that why he did that right? I would suggest that instead of asking him directly just wait for him to come to you and tell you about it.

There are times when boys just give flowers to their female friends just to make them feel good about themselves. Or if their female friends are going through tough times they try to be nice and give them flowers.

Flowers have some strong therapeutic effects and uplift the mood instantly so may be the other girl is just a close friend and your boyfriend is just trying to help her? So be patient and  just wait for him to tell you everything.


  1. Stop assuming things

When you come to know the fact that your boyfriend sent flowers to another girl then the first thing that will come in your mind will be that may be he is involved in other girls.

There are times when such assumptions ruin things and in seconds your relationship will be over. So don’t do that. Just relax and think positive sometimes what we see or hear is not the full truth. If you are in a relationship then you must also trust your partner.


  1. Ask his friends

Boys normally tell everything to their friends so if you feel something is quite fishy then ask his friends. Don’t ask them directly just in a friendly way try to find out whether or not he is seeing a girl.

Friends normally don’t hide serious things; just ask them in a friendly way and try to find out the truth.


  1. Give him friendly reminder

In a relationship, you really need to be expressive. There are times when you need to tell your boyfriend how much you love him and possessive about him. Also tell him that you will not tolerate any other girl in his life.

This will make him realize that you cannot share him with anyone and maybe he will then share everything with you about the flowers that he sent to the girl.


  1. Try to get in touch with the girl

If you feel like you shouldn’t confront your boyfriend at this moment then try to get in touch with the girl he sent the flowers to.

Ask the girl how she knows your boyfriend and if they have any relationship or feelings for each other. Even if the girl tries to hide something, you will get to know the truth by looking at her expressions or behavior.

If the girl tells you that there is something between them then it is the time to confront your boyfriend otherwise if she ensures you that there is nothing like that and they are just close friends then just thank her and go back to your boyfriend.


  1. Confront your boyfriend

Ok so after meeting the girl if she tells you that both of them like each other or if she tells you that there is nothing between them but still you are suspicious then now is the time that you should confront your boyfriend.

Just ask him in a very friendly and polite way that why he sent those flowers to another girl? Ask him that what’s going on? After 2 to 3 questions your boyfriend will surely be uncomfortable if there is something wrong.

But if everything is just normal then he will try his best to explain everything to you. He will try to clear all your doubts and will make you believe him even with proofs.


  1. Trust him

Ok after confrontation when he explains everything then try to believe him and trust him. There are times when even after explaining everything girls just cannot get over the fact that their boyfriend sends flowers to another girl.

And this attitude creates serious issues or problems in a relationship. He did his part to explain and clear all your doubts now if you want to save your relationship don’t be annoying and trust his words and whatever he is telling you.


  1. Tell him that you don’t like it

Once you both confront each other on this issue and all your doubts are clear to save each other from any future misunderstanding just tell him everything.

Tell him that you don’t like it when he sent flowers to other girls even if they are his close friends or even if he wanted to help them.

Just by telling him you are indirectly warning him that such actions might disturb your relationship.

Relationships are very precious they need attention and care. So if you really want your relationship last longer then you have to share everything with each other and handle every situation carefully together.

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