Is It Ok to Bring Flowers on a First Date?

If you’re on the fence about bringing flowers on a first date, it’s probably because you’ve heard opinions about how the modern woman finds it pushy, awkward, and suggestive. Love gurus even debate about it. They say, if you don’t want to push a lovely woman away, keep it chill and don’t make sudden moves that are too romantic for a first date.

Flowers on a first date is entirely up to your personalities and the relationship you have. While it would be awkward to give a bunch of red roses to someone you met online and face to face for the first time, flowers will be well-appreciated by a friend you’ve been meaning to ask out for a while now.

Flowers are not like jewelry or a stuffed animal that is often frowned upon on a first date. Every type of flower conveys a different message. You’d want to strike the right chord when you give flowers on a first date. A florist Singapore can help you figure out the right flowers to bring on a first date.


Should I Give Roses on a First Date?

Cliché as it sounds, a single stalk of red rose is romantic. It is meant to say the connection is love at first sight. A hand bouquet of cheery roses is also amiable. If this first date is with a romantic girl whom you truly have a connection with, don’t be afraid to show up with red roses. The romantic red rose is a sign that you’re ready for commitment. Be sure the recipient is on the same page as you. If you’re still in the getting-to-know stage, something unique like purple roses can be more appropriate.

Flowers for Friendship

A cheery flower bouquet of sunflowers or daisies will be appreciated by a friend on a first date. It means you are thankful for the friendship and you value you what you have but you’re not in a rush to take things up to the next level. You’re willing to just go with the flow and see where the relationship goes. Still, you’re unafraid to show how you want to treat this friend whom you chose to ask out on a first date.

Flowers for a Modern, Elegant Woman

So you’ve started dating Ms. Independent? Such a woman would be pleased with the gesture of a lovely bouquet of flowers that are as elegant as she is. Orchids and white lilies show how you perceive the woman as a cut above the rest. Take cues from “The Perfect Man” and buy pink orchids to make a woman feel special.

For the Sensitive Acquaintance

It may be a challenge to give a girl flowers on a first date if you are in doubt with their sensitivities. They can be allergic to pollen in flowers. It is always best to buy fresh-cut flowers with no pollen because that is a sign that it will last long with proper care. In case you want to be extra generous and considerate about her allergies, give hypoallergenic flowers like the Asiatic Lily. Opt for a non-intrusive color like orange or yellow, same for other flowers, roses included.

Yes roses won’t cause allergic reactions too and so do orchids, Dahlias, daisies, chrysanthemums, and even sunflower should be avoided if you are in doubt about their allergic reaction to flowers.

How Many Flowers Should You Give on a First Date?

A hand bouquet of flowers should be no problem given on a first date. It is still best to steer clear of red roses for the time being and reserve that for a special occasion. A mixed flower arrangement of multi-colored and different varieties of flowers can be a good choice. Mix in yellow, orange, pink, and white flowers send a message that you have pure intentions and you’re keeping things light.

If you’re unafraid to proclaim your feelings for a friend you’ve known for years, six flowers show infatuation while a dozen proclaim love. Two and three flowers signify your togetherness. You can take it one step at a time by giving her a single stalk on the first date, two on the second, three on the third, and so on.

Trust Your Gut Feelings

If the woman you’re dating has an air of mystery surrounding her, go for something unique like blue or lavender roses. You can give a bouquet of flowers in a vase if you like. Gauge the occasion. Where is the venue? Is it like a casual first date or an occasion you’ve both been waiting to happen for many years?

If you’re picking her up from her place, you can give her the flowers in a vase so she can leave it at home. That way you can save her from the awkwardness of bringing the flowers to the theater or club. If you feel your relationship has not progressed to such a level where you’re comfortable with each other, showing up with a bouquet on a coffee date would not be a good idea but a single stalk would do.

If all else fails, don’t be so hard on yourself. Women have different taste and preferences in how they want to be treated. Even when you’re in a relationship you’re bound to have times when you’re clueless on what to do. You don’t have to think endlessly before laying your cards on the table. If you really like her and you’re thinking of appreciating her with flowers, by all means do or order a flower delivery.