Is It Okay to Send Flowers to Men?

When it comes to presenting gifts to a woman, there are lots of options available. However, this list shortens when you think about a perfect gift for a man. However, it is time for broadening your imagination and be bold to express your feelings to your man as they also love to know what you feel, just like girls.

Well, women can send their partners a bouquet of fresh flowers. Oh! You may be thinking is it okay to send flowers to men? Yes, it is. We are taught traditionally that flowers are for women. However, times are changing! If you want to gift flowers to your friend, father, brother, or boyfriend in your life, then there is no reason why you should not!

Sending flowers to men is not unmanly. Actually, men enjoy taking them as gifts as the whole flower delivery experience makes them feel special when you deliver a bunch of red roses on special days like Valentine’s Day or when an overgenerous vase arrangement of orchids arrives at their workplace with a beautiful note.

However, we completely understand how you may still be nervous about gifting men in your life some floral love. Find here every answer to your questions for choosing the right flowers for your guy!


Why it may not be fine to gift flowers to men?

Previously, flowers were considered to have a feminine allure. This is because they feature a soft aroma, a delicate touch, and are colorful blissfully. However, our thinking has evolved over time. Now, it is a common thing to spot a man going for a mud bath or facial to the spa or taking body massages. Not just that, but they have also shown their acceptance and comfort towards beautiful floral arrangements and bouquets.


Why should girls gift their guys flowers?

If you want to express your emotions or bestow your love, then flowers offer the most inexpensive way to do that. Hence, there is no reason that flowers are just reserved for girls. When a guy sends a bouquet of flowers to his girl, it is for expressing their earnest emotions and love towards her. Definitely, flowers bring a smile on their face and brighten up the day. So, this thought is what makes all the difference.

When you send lovely flowers to men, it expresses the same thing as when men send blooms to women. Flowers are an amazing way of letting them know what you feel and how important they are in your life. No matter the occasion, there are flowers to say what is on your mind given that you select the right flower type and color for conveying your message.

So, surprise all the special men in your life with some flowers the next time, be it a lover, friend, brother, or father. All that actually matters is that the message and occasion are positive and joyous.


Is it weird to send flowers to a guy?

No, not at all. Most women struggle with this question and our suggestion is to remember that men love to feel special and receive gifts like everybody else. If you are not sure whether flowers will convey your message or impress them, then pair your arrangement or bouquet with some other gifts like fragrances, travel packs, snack hampers, gift vouchers, movie or event tickets, pamper hampers, mobile phone or computer accessories, their favorite beer or wine, their favorite book, or an outfit.

It is not weird to send flowers to a guy. However, if you are worried about their reaction, then these gifts will take away the attention from the bouquet and instead, will focus on the message that the flowers symbolize.


Do men like receiving flowers at their work?

When you deliver flowers to your man’s workplace, the recipient turns out to be the center of attention. So, who would not like a bouquet of adorable orchids or a bunch of rainbow roses adorning their work station or desk? Everyone loves that! This surprise flower delivery will bring their attention to the occasion and lift off the stress of the day.

So, guys will love being in the spotlight and always remember the moment of harassment created by their co-workers asking the sender’s details. Every time they will look at the gift, they will remember you!


Which flowers are best for sending to men?

Unlike women, men like darker shades than pastel colors when it comes to flowers. Thus, a bouquet of white or purple orchids will be perfect for them. To express your love, you can go with crimson red roses. Even a bouquet of the Boy Flower or Flamingo Flower a.k.a. Anthurium will be nice because of its impressive color and shape.

Crane flowers or Birds of Paradise are other perfect choices for guys as their shape of birds and remarkable colors feature a bold appearance. If you prefer, you can go with bamboo plants as they are known for bringing fortune. Thus, all these flowers are perfect to send to your men.


What occasions are perfect for sending flowers to guys?

Undoubtedly, flowers are a charm forever! You can gift flowers on all occasions as they behold the power to make every occasion special. To mention some, occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, achievements, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, apologies, Rakshabandhan, or moments when you miss them or care about them, send flowers!

Also, you can send flowers to their office with a cute note or deliver them to their home, depending on the style they prefer.

So, there are lots of reasons why your guy love to receive the flowers and there are countless occasions on which you can send a bouquet of fresh flowers. Now, do not think more about whether it is fine to send flowers to men. This is because guys like to receive gifts just like girls do. An arrangement or bouquet of flowers will brighten up their day without injuring their pride.