Meaning of Roses by Number and Colours

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Rose is one of the most beautiful and attractive flowers. This is chosen very excessively to give to your loved ones and friends on any occasion. You must have given these flowers to anyone or you have received them from anyone. You would also have the idea about the colors of flowers and their symbolic meanings but do you know that numbers of flowers also have their meanings. Yes, this is right, the number of flowers also have symbolic meanings. The number of flowers and their meaning should be known to you before selecting flowers and presenting them to anyone.


Short Summary on rose number meaning

  • 1 Rose: Devotion/Thank You/Love at First Sight/First Date.
  • 2 Roses: Mutual Love/ Marry Me/Propose.
  • 3 Roses: I Love You.
  • 6 Roses: Infatuation/Love Confession.
  • 9 Roses: Eternal Love/Proposal.
  • 10 Roses: Perfection.
  • 12 Roses: Be Mine/Love Confession.
  • 13 Roses: Eternal Friendship.
  • 15 Roses: I am Sorry.
  • 18 Roses: Stay Young and Beautiful/Sincerity.
  • 24 Roses: I Miss You/Long Distance Relationship.
  • 99 Roses: Proposal/ I’ll Love You till the Day I Die.
  • 100 Roses: Devotion/Love Anniversary/Extraordinary Feelings.


  • Meaning Of Giving One Rose

Giving a single rose represents your first sight love for the one to whom you are presenting this one flower. This flower is very significant to show that you are in love with someone. This one red rose is given to whom you have special feelings but these are hidden in your heart. You have not yet expressed those feelings. This one rose is a sweet gesture from your side to show your affection and love for someone to whom you are loving secretly. By giving one flower you want to tell your beloved that you are in love with her but you cannot express your feelings directly because at the beginning you are afraid of her anger and don’t want to lose her.


  • Meaning Of Two Roses

Two flowers show your deep love for anyone. One flower shows your sweet and innocent love, this is the start of your feelings and two roses show that now you have deep love and affection for your beloved. By giving two flowers to your beloved you can express that now she is the center of your attention and she has filled your heart with her love and passion.


  • Three Roses

This is a clear declaration of love. Three flowers are given when you have a strong relationship and both of you know about each other’s love. When you want to express your love in clear words that you love your beloved and sweetheart, you select three flowers to present to her. It is not always necessary to give three flowers at any special occasion, you can give these flowers without any specific event or occasion just to express your deep-down feelings of love and sentiments of affection.


  • Five Roses

If you have love for someone and you want to show your love and your concern for her you will give her five roses. This is a sweet and cute way to tell someone that you care for her and you are concerned about everything related to her in any way. You show her that you are attached to your beloved and she has a special place in your life.


  • Seven Roses

These seven flowers are given to a person for whom you have a liking in your heart. This is a clear indication of your fascination for someone. We idealize many people in life who are connected to us in any way. These persons can be your friends, family members, your teacher, your student. This is a passionate feeling when you ignore the relationship but your main focus is the feeling you have in your heart. By giving these seven roses, you want to tell the other person that he/she is very special to you, you like him/her and you want him/her in your life. You want to have a close relationship with the person to whom you are presenting these beautiful seven roses.


  • Nine Roses

This nine number is very special because nine flowers are mostly given to propose someone for marriage. These are given to someone who is the most special person of your life and to whom you love deeply and passionately and you want to spend your whole life with her. These are given when you have a strong and long relationship with someone when you have understood each other and you are willing to stay forever till eternity.


  • Meaning Of Twelve Roses

This is a simple way to ask someone’s approval of being yours. When you have a secret feeling of love for someone, you give him/her a bouquet of twelve roses to give your message that you are in love with him/her and want him/her to accept your love and be yours. These flowers are the declaration of your love and asking for the love of a specific person.


  • 99 Roses

This huge bouquet of 99 roses is one of the very special gifts. This bouquet is presented to express your desire for someone to have a life long relationship with him/her. By giving 99 roses bouquet, you can tell your partner that you want to spend your life till the last breathe of your life with your beloved partner. This special bouquet can be given to your soul mate and life partner to tell that his/her presence means a lot to you.


  • Meaning Of Hundred Roses

It shows your devotion to anyone, for whom you can do anything and who is very special to you. This huge bouquet of hundred roses shows your dedication and commitment to your relationship with that person to whom you are presenting a hundred roses bouquet. This huge bouquet full of colors, freshness, and sweet fragrance tells that you are in this relationship wholeheartedly and you have dedicated yourself to the other person.


So, giving flowers to anyone is not as simple and easy as it seems to be. You should not only be careful in the selection of the color of roses but you should also be careful about the selection of flowers that how many flowers you should select for a specific person on a specific occasion. You cannot pick up flowers in any number to give anyone, the meaning of your gift can be misunderstood and you might not like that. Though you can find the meaning of rose numbers from 1 to 100 but here you can see some mostly used flower numbers which you can select and present to your someone special.


Different colors of roses have different meanings

When we say meanings, we don’t necessarily mean what you might interpret them to be. Certain colors of roses have been associated with different things.


For example, red roses have traditionally symbolized love and romance. Pink roses represent innocence and youth because of their coloring. The pink color signifies love and a pure heart, while white roses represent purity and innocence.


As you can witness, there are many different colors of roses having different meanings. Some of them are based on what they resemble in nature. You need to know the meaning of each color to know what to give or receive as gifts. If you’re interested in knowing the true meaning of the different colors of roses, then read on to know it in detail:


  • Red Rose

Red roses tend to stand out in crowds, and it’s special and enticing when a man gives it to a woman. Some people think that a red rose is a sign of love, but this is probably not the only meaning because, in general, roses stand out because of their color. Red color showcases faith too.


Faith has a lot to do with emotions, both good and bad, if you think about it. Red is the color of love & life, as well as, if a person has red roses and is showing all of their emotions, this is a sign of strong love. It’s almost like a celebration of love. This is because the color is associated with blood and passion.


  • Pink Rose

What does a pink rose mean to you? A pink rose is one of the most beautiful flowers that they can have in their orchid arrangements to the average woman. This may get to be a sign of a new relationship or an old friend, or it may just mean that there is a member of the opposite sex at your door. It represents a feminine aura and romance.


Pink rose represents refinement, elegance, and sweetness. While considering hot pink roses, these get to convey appreciation, gratitude, and recognition. Pink roses even express happiness, gentleness, grace, and joy. It is a great way to say ‘thank you with pink roses.


  • Green Rose

Green rose has a symbolic meaning that goes beyond the general in our world. So what does a green rose mean to the future, and what does it symbolize? Green signifies the color of life. It implies increasing the growth and circulation of energy and positivity in life.


It even represents the continued rejuvenation of the soul, and that’s why it is considered the messenger of happiness. The symbol of the green rose has always been associated with hope. When you think of the rose, it conjures up visions of life and goals that can make a person’s heart satisfied. It even represents cheerfulness and excitement.


  • Purple or Lilac Rose

The purple or lilac color of the rose represents the half phase of the moon known as the crescent. In other words, the flower indicates that it is about to turn into a full moon, i.e., glory. A lilac rose thus indicates mysticism and love. It indicates royalty, style, and elegance as well.


This color represents beauty, romance, and happiness. It may also represent vibes of love and care. The primary meaning it showcases is life. It belongs to the long life and eternity. Unleashing positive vibes even represents the quality of life, health, and prosperity.


  • Yellow Rose

It’s not always easy to understand what yellow roses mean. The color of yellow roses means joy, happiness, satisfaction, and delight. These are all positive feelings. You could also say that yellow roses are happy flowers. This means that someone has a happy, prosperous, contented life.


The true meaning of yellow roses lies within their symbolism and meaning. You see, in Roman mythology, it was a symbol of victory. That is the reason why a yellow rose represents friendship or platonic love. Due to the warmness of this color, it conveys the affection of friendship in the best way possible.


  • White Rose

What does a white rose mean to you? It could mean a million different things. A dozen other things. The meaning of white roses is a much more personal thing for many women than the meaning of any other rose. If you’re getting ready to make that special gift that means something more than just a traditional rose, you’ll want to know what the significance of white roses is for you and your girlfriend.


White rose represents purity. White roses signify loyalty as well. Some choose these roses to represent their past relationships, but they always look wonderful presented as a gift. Being the purest of colors, white represents innocence and charm and expresses remembrance and memories in the best way possible.


  • Peach Rose

Peach rose represents something beautiful or love. It also has a sexual connotation that may be used by men while gifting their women. Peach rose represents freshness as well. Being one of the most premium colors of roses, it signifies modesty to a great extent.


Also, peach roses represent sincerity, genuineness, and a sense of gratitude. If you’re gifting peach roses to someone, then you may also reveal to them the empathy and sympathy you have for them. There’s no negative emotion attached to gifting peach roses to anyone.


  • Blue Rose

Blue roses don’t grow naturally. White roses are colored blue to represent certain meanings. Blue rose represents unconditional love and is one of the most powerful colors in the rainbow; therefore, it makes sense for people struggling with love or in relationships. It showcases the desire of the unattainable and represents a mysterious vibe.


The blue rose is the flower of remembrance and remembering good memories. It is an inspirational symbol because there is a deep connection between the romantic and the divine. When we get to think of love, we think of a beautiful object or a person that someone adores or loves. Blue is another color that represents purity and sincerity.



The Final Say

Now that you have known the meaning of different colors of roses and what different numbers of roses’ stalks represent, you should be attentive while choosing roses next time you intend to give someone. So, be thoughtful, and gift something very special to your dear ones.