What are Singapore Girls Favorite Flowers?

No truer sentiment has been spoken than the fact that our deeds carry out a greater deal of weight than simple words. When it comes to the expression of love towards our significant other, gifts and treats can go a long way. Flowers are a perfect choice for Valentine’s Day or anniversaries or just an ordinary day to wear your heart on your sleeves. Sure, chocolates are there to please your lady’s sweet tooth and jewelry is there to show how much they mean to you, but flowers turn up the romantic drama on a whole new level.


Flower to the Soul

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but flowers can be a sure path to a woman’s soul. Cultures all around the world have used flowers as an unspoken language between people that can mean a lot of things depending on the type of flower or the color of the flower that has been sent.  It conveys an emotion that goes beyond the boundaries of language. However, if you really want to give floral treats to someone, you just have to make sure you are doing it right. You don’t want the ladies to get the wrong message, right? Well, here is a well-researched list for you that won’t make you a clueless fool, but a fool who’s in love.


What is the relationship with whom you sending the flower to?

Choosing from various types of flowers can be stressful. Picking flowers is no piece of cake, especially when you’re giving it to someone special. You have to make sure it’s perfect. The first thing that you need to consider when choosing flowers is to whom are you giving it.

What is the best flower to give?

Flowers are always the way to go when it comes to pleasing someone and being on their good side, but you have to consider your relationship with that person first. If you’re sending flowers to your spouse or girlfriend, then classic romantic flowers are the perfect go-to. Top examples of these are red roses that embody passionate love and white lilies which often symbolize unconditional love.  Heather Lavenders which have a unique and unforgettable fragrance can be a wonderful choice as well. It sends out a message to the woman you love that she is your top priority in life. Amaryllis flowers that have white petals and reddish-pink veins can also be a perfect option for your partner since it tells her that she is your equal and you want her to be always on your side.  Tulips that bloom in the summer and endure through winter can also tell your partner how willing you are to endure for her.


If you’re planning to give flowers to a best friend or a close coworker or even your sister, you may choose from sunflowers which are often related to happiness and friendship. In addition, orchids and birds of paradise are commonly used to show how much you value a person’s uniqueness. There are also lilacs that convey your own interest to get to know the person better or hydrangeas which often complements a woman’s elegance and sophistication.

On another note, when planning to send flowers to someone that you have a professional connection with (like your employer, teacher, or a person whom you want to send happy thoughts to) then there are a lot of flowers to choose from. There are daisies that signify everlasting bonds or blue iris flowers that highlights a woman’s confidence and strength. Carnations are also there to tell them how much you admire their character.

Secondly, when it comes to giving flowers to someone, you must also consider the message that you want to put out and send. This is where the specific color to the type of flower often comes into play. When it comes to giving roses, certain colors may convey different messages. Red roses imply passionate desire and romantic love. Yellow roses are for friendly encounters. White roses spell out the purity and sincerity of motives. Pink roses can also signify happiness.

Now when it comes to giving carnations, which is also a common choice for romantics, it can be more varied in their meaning.  Red carnations are also for heartfelt love. Pink carnations exhibit gratefulness towards the person. White carnations are for strength and purity of the character of the person. Purple carnations are for commitment and patience.

Lilies with their ethereal aesthetic and delicate design can also be a good choice for saying “I love you.” It shows sophistication and elegance in the taste of the giver and the receiver of the flower. However, you must be careful in the context of who you are giving it to or the occasion that is sent since they are also used for funerals. White lilies will shout out unconditional and unparalleled devotion. Orange lilies are for showing off your strong feelings and desire. Lastly, Peruvian lilies are for friendships and close bonds.


The Perfect Flower to a Girl

There are a lot of flowers to choose from when it comes to women’s favorites. Picking the perfect flower just depends on the occasion, the relationship and the message that you want to convey to that person. The famous poet Alfred Tennyson once said, “If I had a flower for every time, I thought of you, I could walk in my garden forever.” This line only further strengthens the notion that flowers truly are the perfect way to tell someone how much they mean to you. Its delicate features and sweet fragrance will remind your special lady that they are loved. Cultures may differ, but flowers are a universal language to tell someone that you always have them near your thoughts and in your heart.

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