What Color Rose For First Date?

By now you’ve decided that roses on a first date is okay. You’ve met a girl who is the traditional romantic type or the modern woman who is elegant and deserves to be made to feel special. You’re no longer on the fence whether it’s right to give flowers on a first date or not. In fact, you’re planning to get her roses but which ones, what variety, and how many? Florist in Singapore can help you out.

Are Red Roses Ok on a First Date?

Let’s start with the elephant in the room, the big cause for debate: red roses. Some say it’s too early to give flowers on a first date. Some think it implies too much romance and is forceful as if to say, please love me. Well not so, if you’re man enough to profess your love for her and show that you’re ready to commit when she’s ready.

Red roses are exactly what would sweep a romantic woman off her feet. Red roses are for the woman who is looking for love, a serious relationship that is long-term. If you are the chivalrous type and you both believe in traditional dating etiquette passed down through generations, don’t be afraid to admire the woman you love with red roses.

The number of red roses you give can have different reactions. A single red rose is to show you fell in love at first sight. A dozen red roses is the traditional way to profess your love. A half dozen roses is a sign that you are falling but not nearly quite there yet.

Pink roses are also suitable for someone you’re starting to fall in love with. Light and dark pink hues show appreciation which is something you’d like to say when you get the first date. If you go darker than the red hue, note that burgundy roses signify unconscious beauty.

What Color Roses Show You have Pure Intentions?

Debunk the idea that you’re only giving roses because you have ill intentions. You don’t want anything but to show respect and admiration to this lovely woman. White roses symbolize pure intentions and innocence. You’d want to give this to a girl you’ve known for a long time now and you want to say that what you feel is not passion or lust, it’s pure affection for her.

White roses are traditionally present at weddings and for engagement. You may want to choose a different hue to show your true intentions. Cream roses are charming and signify thoughtfulness. It’s a wonderful color of roses to choose if you’re really prepared for this first date and not just a casual hang out to play at the arcade, drink at the bar, or sip coffee together, but an actual planned date.

Actually, I’m In the Friend Zone

If you’d like to give roses to someone you have feelings for but you’re still keeping things in the level of friends, a yellow rose is a thoughtful yet casual enough flower to give. It denotes friendship and that you’re really enjoying time with her. If you want to give a slight hint of how you feel about her, give her orange or salmon roses.

With just a hint of red, orange roses act as a bridge from friendship to a romantic relationship. Salmon roses give the hint slightly stronger, indicating your desire to profess your feelings and to tell that you’re excited. A yellow rose with a red tip also shows that you’re falling for her already.

If you think the tming isn’t right yet to even show a hint of admiration, go with something more lively like green roses which signify life and renewed energy. It’s also nice mixed with other colored roses to thank a good friend.


She’s the Mysterious Type, I Can’t Decode What She Likes!

Men like women with an air of mystery. It is always best to keep some personal details about yourself for future conversations. For the first date with a woman who knows what she wants but doesn’t imply on others, go with blue roses. It signifies that she is unique and you’re intrigued by her. If you want to be on the playful side, gift her lavender or purple roses. It’s also nice to give to someone you secretly admire or whom you fell in love with at first sight.


When to Mix Them Up

Show a good friend you like her but have no intention to court her by giving her pink and white roses. A mix of red and white roses signify passionate love and honorable intentions. A random mixed flower delivered the same day of different-colored roses is when you’re not sure how both of you feel but you’re at a level of feeling that you want to appreciate her with roses.

Rose Varieties and What They Mean

Did you know that an amaranth red rose signifies long-standing desire for someone and the wild rose appreciates a woman’s simplicity? It’s not only the color of the rose but it’s the variety that has symbolism. If you’re already feeling the chemistry and fell love at first sight, make sure you give a rose with no thorns. If you’re feeling courageous to say you’re consumed by love, the Rose of Sharon conveys this very message.

Tell it by the Numbers

A dozen white roses are for the bride, but for the first date, a single white rose is more suitable. It conveys purity of feelings for her. If an acquaintance brings you joy and you wish to hang out more often, a single yellow rose says it all.

If you want to say you like her, a single pink rose does it. Enchanted by her beauty? A single lavender rose is what you should give. Do you think she is like an unattainable dream, give her a single blue rose.

Two red roses mean you want to be together, three means you’re both happy with each other’s company, and a dozen is asking her to be yours. A hand bouquet of 50 roses says your love has no limits while half of that is a traditional congratulatory gift for a promotion or graduation.

How to Tell You Gave the Right Rose/s

There’s a body language you will want to watch out for when giving a girl roses. If she accepts the rose with her left hand, it shows disagreement, if at all she accepts it. If she receives it with her right hand, she affirms you’re on the same page with how you feel with each other.