Windflower Florist Review

Buying flowers can be tricky. People normally buy them as a gift and not something for their own. It is not wrong that flowers are bought as gifts, but it is also fine to get them for yourself. Flowers are a great way to make up with your loved ones if you mess up anything. They are great to cheer up someone special who is not feeling good. They can be awesome as a gift of happiness for someone you consider close to you. For yourself, flowers can aid you in self-love with their amazing healing powers. They can lift up your spirits and make you feel better.

Flowers are a good reason to treat someone else and yourself with some stunning colors and beautiful scents. They can help in improving health conditions, that is why they are bought for the ones who are not feeling well. They can bring calmness and wellness to your home and make you feel energetic and soothing at the same time. They relieve tension and make you stress-free and also boost up your confidence to higher levels.


Windflower Florist Singapore

Flowers are so special and bring happiness and brightness to the world. They have the amazing ability to bring loved ones and families together. Windflower Florists have a major contribution to this act of loveliness. They are working intending to make lives beautiful, colorful, and bright. Windflower Florists are small, and family-run florist that is based in the heartlands of Singapore. They have been working since 1997 being a pioneer in the florists business in the town.

Windflower florists are working for over 20 years by offering amazing and lovely floral products. They are loved by many people in Singapore, and they basically touch lives daily. They have been amazing and had a perfect repute in the floral industry as they value family, love, and kinship with their lovely core motives or bringing a blooming smile to everyone’s lives they touch. With flowers, they specialize in providing their customers with the best, most loving, and personal experience.


Product Selection

Windflower florist is the dream of every lover of flowers as their selection of flowers is quite amazing. They specialize in fresh flowers. From bright tones to pastel shades, they have every flower. No matter what flower you are looking for either it is lavender, sunflowers, lilies, or roses, you can have all of them from them. They also offer great floral arrangements for different occasions and celebrations.

Graduations, weddings, teacher’s day, Mother’s Day, new year, birthdays, first dates, get well soon, farewells, and sympathy, whatever event it is, you name it, they have it. They also supply the stands for the flowers and flower boxes for adding a little charming flair to your bouquet.

Windflower has some amazing ability to offer its customers the freshest and best flowers. They have although a slightly limited stock because of their seasonal products and availability from the farms but they have the most beautiful ones.

They also go the extra mile for replacing the mission flowers with something else in the season that is also gorgeous and lovely. They make sure that they are providing alternatives that are equally great in style and value while substituting the missing flowers. This is to make sure that the bouquets are great, and the aesthetics are maintained as per your expectations.


Placing Orders

Windflower has its store in Primax Industrial building, Singapore from where they take orders and also from their website and social media accounts. They have a simple process for selecting a product for online purchasing as well.

Their online store is user-friendly and cool with a lot of clear images of every product and bouquets and other arrangements that they offer. They have sections on their website for different occasions and celebrations to make the purchasing super simple and get 100% customer satisfaction.

You can place the orders for any function either it is a family get-together or a corporate event, you can use their corporate order form for the bookings. Unfortunately, they are not offering international orders for now.



Windflower offers customizations but not any major ones for their standard category bouquets. However, it depends on the availability of flowers as per the season that they make some substitutes or make small tweaks.

Although they do not offer much customization, they offer some of the most beautiful signature bouquets with their wide range of flowers. You can find something that is already lovely, and you will not need any customization. They also offer a personalized message service with the gift for you loved ones to make it more thoughtful and lovely than a simple bunch of flower bought from a store.



Windflower offers delivery in many areas of Singapore if you place an order at their website. There a few exceptions for free delivery including Jurong Island, Army Bases, Tuas, and Penjuru. They are not a 24-hour florist, so they have quite strict timings for fulfilling orders to make sure every delivery is done on time.

Their schedule is: order receiving by 6pm are delivered between 10pm to 1pm the next day. Orders before 12:30pm are delivered from 2pm to 6pm and those placed between 3:30pm to 6pm are delivered between 7pm and 9pm.

You can also go for self-picking to get the order from their store by giving one day notice about what you need.


Payment Options

Payments are done in-store and online. The in-store options are NETS and cash. Online payment is done via Stripe for making sure all payments are protected and secure.

You can also pay using a credit card like MasterCard, American Express, and Visa. Also, you can pay directly through bank transfer, you only need to send a screenshot of the transaction proof to Windflower WhatsApp. All prices are done in Singapore dollars.


Customer Service

The customer service is extremely great and professional. They are helpful and also offer advice on the selection of flowers.

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