All About Narcissus – History, Meanings, Facts, Care and More

 History of Narcissus Flower

 The narcissus flower, according to mythology, is actually a young lad called Narcissus. It was said that he had seen his reflection in a pool of water and completely fell in love. He laid there for a long time, staring at his own reflection until eventually, he turned into a flower. Hence, the word Narcissistic came into the world.


That is a history based on a myth, which flowers mainly come from. The word Narcissus itself was derived from a Greek word. It is ‘Narke’ which translates to numbness or stupor. This is also a word they used to describe a narcotic. It was somehow intoxicating, very similar to that of the myth where the young lad became intoxicated with himself. They are one of the most popular flowers in Germany.


Historical accounts have suggested that these flowers have been here since the earliest of times but had only grown popular in the 16th century, in Europe.


Meaning of Narcissus

 The flower symbolizes new beginnings and rebirth. They are known more commonly as daffodils which are flowers that are well-known during spring. They were known to be signs of the end of winter, which is why it symbolizes rebirth as if the plants and flowers had sprung back into life.


While the flower is known to give prosperity or to wish for someone’s prosperity, this is only if you give them in a bunch. Refrain from giving a single-stemmed narcissus flower as this symbolizes misfortune.


They are also known as Lent Lily in England. This is because they are heavily associated with Lent. It is said that in Wales, if you are to spot the first daffodil of the season, for a year you would be showered with wealth and good luck. Even the Chinese believe that if you force a bulb to bloom during the new year, it would bring great luck to your home.


Facts About Narcissus

 The Narcissus is actually a very interesting flower. Learning about them can be fun or helpful, especially if you are planning to study plants or even start a garden of your own. It is good to ask local florists about this plant as they can give you their own tips about it. Here are some fun facts about the flower:


A few species of the flower can be found in Central Asia and China. But it can mostly be found in the Mediterranean region.

The flower is mainly cultivated in Channel Isles. They are also cultivated in places like Great Britain, Holland and Isles of Sicily.

They are usually available during the months of November and so on until April. This depends on the species, though. But the typical ones usually bloom early in the spring.

There are different types of Narcissus encompasses dozens of species. There are 3 most common and popular and these are Jonquils, Daffodils and the Paperwhites.

They usually come in the color white or yellow.

They have a narrow, tubular base, three petals, and a central cup-like appendage.

They are known as perennials.

They grow almost anywhere.



Narcissus Complete Care

 Although narcissus is known to be a wildflower, a lot of people and florists like growing them in their own garden. This is because the narcissus is a beautiful collection and they spread easily. If you are planning to have these plants in your own garden or are just planning to take care of them. Here are some good gardening tips that may help you on the way and make sure that your narcissus flowers thrive:

You should make sure that your narcissus plants have at least about an inch of water per week. Do this while they are still actively blooming. The months of March to May would be a good time.

You should add mulch if you have any, this is not necessary, but this would definitely help your narcissus plants retain and conserve most of their moisture.

The soil of your narcissus flower should be rich and well-drained. You should make sure to fertilize it with enough organic matter. This would help your flowers bloom and thrive.

If you buy an organic bulb fertilizer, you can immediately place them in the planting hole as soon as you have them. These types of fertilizers are very gentle and non-burning.

If the flowers are blooming already, it is best if you keep them away from direct sunlight. Place them in a cool area as this would prolong the flowering period of your plant.

Other than those tips, you should take note of the fact that gardening is not easy. It takes a lot of hard work and patience. Do not be discouraged if your plants take their time to grow or even not grow at all. Gardening requires months or even years of getting used to and getting good at.

That is why you should get all the help you can and ask around, especially from those who have planted these types of flowers before. Make sure to keep your flowers hydrated and clean. Cut off any wilting ones to prevent them from spreading to other flowers. Just make sure to keep your flowers hydrated and research about them to know what kind of environment they grow best in. Growing flowers can be a tedious task but the bounty after would be worth it.