Florist Expert: How to Keep Flowers Fresh in the Fridge

A lot of you have probably heard or read somewhere that storing your flowers inside the fridge is a good way to keep them fresh. This is true. This theory has been tested and proven by a lot of florists. Even an online florist will tell you that placing a hand bouquet or a flower arrangement inside the fridge would make it last longer. The question now, is probably how the flowers should be stored. Just putting them in the fridge the moment you get them is not the right way to go. Like any other way of keeping it fresh, there is a process you should follow.

Following the process not only ensures that you are storing the flowers in your fridge correctly, but you are also taking care of the flowers, the right way or the way a florist expert would. Do not fret if you have no knowledge of taking care of flowers because there are a lot of simple ways to take care of them and keep them fresh and away from wilting or dying immediately. Even if it is your first time to receive flowers and your first time to ever try and keep them fresh, you can easily do so with easy to follow steps.

How to Make Flowers Last Longer tips

One of the easiest and best ways is to store them in the fridge. The first thing you need to do is to cut the flowers at least an inch or two off its stem. This would help it take in more water when you place them in a vase. Make sure that the water you use to fill the vase is not cold or too hot because this is not good for your flowers.

The next thing you should do is place your flowers inside the vase with the clean water. Adding flower preservatives is also a common way to keep flowers fresh and you can easily find it or buy it from your florist. About three-fourths of the whole vase should be filled with water before you put your flowers inside them.

The next thing you should do is check the temperature of your Fridge. Make sure that it is set to or below 40 degrees. Clear the fridge area where you are planning to put your flowers in. The important thing to note here when cleaning out your fridge to make space for the vase is that there should be no fruit anywhere near your flowers because fruit release gases that are harmful to your flowers and will make them wilt faster. It is best to put fruit outside or to eat them or to just place them where the flowers cannot be mixed in with the air or gas they excrete. After all of that and making sure fruits are nowhere near, you can place your flower inside the fridge.

The next thing you should know is that you should not keep the flowers for more than 6 hours in the fridge. You can place them in the fridge for 6 hours every night and take them out after. This will help them take in more water and keep hydrated longer.

Doing this every night ritually will definitely make your flowers stay fresh for longer. This is only one of the many simple and neat tricks that you can learn or know of when trying to keep your flowers fresh. You can ask your local flower delivery or search the web for other ways to keep flowers fresh that are easy to do. This method does not, however, work forever, because flowers will have to wilt or die eventually. This is the truth we all have to come to terms with. Especially if it has been cut off from its roots.

You can keep the sentimental value by taking a picture of it or by keeping its petals in a sealed jar. There are some that keep it in a way that day enclose the flower inside a book. This is one of the neat and cute ways to keep the sentimental gift. The next time someone special gives you flowers, you will luckily have these ways and means to keep in mind to help keep them alive for a longer period of time.

Flowers, like many other gifts, will always have some kind of gift and sentimental value and we would like to keep them forever if we could. That is why most people give gifts that do not die or have a lifespan but that has never stopped anyone from buying and gifting someone flowers.

It is because of the expression and the meaning of a flower bouquet that makes it the perfect gift for any occasion. It is also easy to find and easier to buy because you can even buy it online and even have it with same day flower delivery. The beauty of flowers and their language have long since been used as a gift to express different types of emotions. It could be love, sympathy, sadness, gratefulness or anything and there would be a perfect flower to express it.

It is only natural that we would find ways to keep them almost forever or even just longer than that. The next time you buy or receive flowers, remember these easy and convenient tips to keep them fresh and vibrant for more than two weeks.