Fragrant Flowers: 8 Best Smelling Flowers in the World

Having flowers at home not only gives more color to a bland interior but it also gives a natural fragrance. Most people give it as gifts because of its smell that brings a big smile on people’s faces. That is why it’s a popular gift on many occasions like birthday, anniversaries, and even funerals. But if you are not quite sure which flowers have the best fragrance, you may look at the list of the best smelling flowers below.


  1. Lily of the Valley. This is a white colored flower and it is known for its pretty and sweet scent. During ancient times, this flower was a popular fragrance for bath soaps among old women. The bath soaps during those times were scented with Bourgeonal, which is the main chemical component of Lily of the Valley. No wonder this flower is a popular choice for wedding flowers as well as flower arrangements even if it is a bit pricey.


  1. Viburnum. The most fragrant type of Viburnum is the Korean Spice Viburnum. It is scientifically known as Viburnum Carlesii and it usually blooms in the early spring just right before its leaves appear. Its flowers are clustered in three inches across and you will know that it’s starting to bloom when its redbuds start to reveal the pink flowers that fade to white. It can grow as high as 6 feet tall. This flower is part of the Caprifoliaceae family. It has more than 150 species growing around the world. Its foliage is rough and veiny that is why it is a pleasing flower especially during autumn. They have a fragrant smell, mostly fruity flavored smell. They grow best in well-drained soil and needs to be exposed in full or partial shade of the sun. Make sure to water them especially during summer to moisten its soil.


  1. Lilac. The scent of Lilac depends on its variety. The most common lilacs, the Syringa Vulgaris, have a strong but at the same time sweet scent that is almost sugary. Some varieties of Lilacs like the Korean Lilac have an intense and spicy scent. On the other hand, the Japanese tree Lilac has the scent of the honey. And the scent of Lilacs also varies on the stage of its bloom. If you are looking for an intense scent of Lilacs, it is recommended that you pick them on sunny and warm days. Now, if you have Lilacs on your backyard or garden, it is also recommended that you place them in a spot where they are exposed to full sun. You may also apply fertilizer to encourage its growth especially when the soil is poor in nutrients.


  1. Sampaguita. This flower is also known as the Jasminum Sambac. It is a tropical flower usually growing in countries like the Philippines, Hawaii, India, and a lot more. It has a sweet scent and it is the national flower of the Philippines. It blooms either in bundles or singly and it is a perennial flower which means it blooms throughout the year. They are often in the color white and have star-shaped petals.


  1. Gardenia. This flower originated in the Orient and named after the famous 18th-century botanist and physician, Dr. Alexander Garden. Gardenias are also known as Cape Jasmines, have been growing in the southern part for many generations. They bloom beginning the early spring up until the summer and fall. It buds open in white then fade to gold. Its fragrance is enticing with a little bit of an exotic scent.


  1. Sweet Alyssum. The fragrance of this flower is as pretty and sweet as its name, no wonder it’s an attractive flower among insects for pollination. It’s a type of annual flower which means they are easy to grow. They bloom in mid-spring and it’s a favorite among gardeners because of its clean blossoms and foliage. It’s a great flower to enhance the landscaping of gardens and as well as containers. If you want to buy Sweet Alyssum, you can avail of the florist. Plus, they are easy to grow and take care of because they can survive for several weeks in a cold area.


  1. Freesia. This is one of the most popular flowers used in hand bouquet and birthday flowers because of its colorful buds. It can easily be grown at home and place them either in containers or plant in your garden. Its fragrance depends on its color. But one thing is for sure, this flower has a sweet and fruity fragrance. Some florists in Singapore would describe its scent as the same as strawberries and oranges as well.


  1. Lavender. The history of Lavender is believed to be from the Mediterranean, Middle East, and India 2500 years ago. It comes from the Latin word “Lavare” which means to wash. It has many uses during ancient times. It is a popular scent among aromatherapy because it is believed that it brings silence and calmness when you use them as a fragrance. When you want to meditate, this is the perfect flower to use. An online florist offers fresh Lavenders that you can buy online. They also offer same-day flower delivery. On the other hand, if you want to send a romantic message to someone through this flower, this is also a perfect choice. Lavender also symbolizes love and devotion.

If you are still not quite sure which flowers are best smelling for you, you may go to your local florists in Singapore who will help you cater to your needs in flowers.