Roses in their colours, have touched humanity in ways that cannot be measured. Orange roses are among the recent types to do so. You know orange to be the colour of the most beautiful sunsets, a blazing fire, or citrus fruits. This directly correlates with the orange roses being a summer bloom, consequently making the bloom favourite in eliciting the brightest of smiles on everyone’s faces.

Orange, being a mixture of red and yellow, incorporates the association of the respective roses, thereby seamlessly blending the friendly connotation of yellow roses with the passionate romance of red roses. What is the implication? A refined, more fascinating sense of love that stems from friendship.

Significant history of orange roses

The orange rose is only about a century old, being successfully crossbred from red and yellow roses by rose cultivators in the 20th century. The emergence of orange roses has revolutionized the flower market. The obvious and secret meanings of this special bloom will be highlighted below:

The meanings of orange roses

In the language of flowers, orange roses are concomitant with desire, energy, passion, and charm. These blooms mean:

  • Passion and desire: This is the most obvious meaning of the orange roses. Only red roses can come close in expressing the intensity of the passion in romance with a partner. The brilliance here is simply awe-inspiring. In the Victorian era, people smartly used this colour to imply the flames of passion. If you have a mix of feelings for someone, such that you are tramping the ground of love while coming from the friendship zone, then the orange rose is perfect for you to use. This is not the only use, as it also out rightly implies that you have strong feelings of love as aforementioned. This has proven to be an excellent way to express yourself without coming off across as being crude.
  • Fascination: Send someone a hand bouquet of orange roses when you are love-struck or completely head over heels in love with that person. Orange roses speak of feminine charm. There is a certain desire that the female allure arouses. If it is a lighter shade of orange, it uncovers the presence of a hidden feeling of love that requests full attention. In other words, they are perfectly suited to be given to a person who a strong attraction draws in.
  • Energy, Enthusiasm and joy: Being a vibrant colour, a freshly picked bouquet of orange roses expresses a source of energy that knows no limits or bounds. This is reinforced by the hue of the colour itself. The orange rose articulates the joy and happiness of starting new ventures and achieving success. Therapeutically, orange roses can even be used to improve the effective state of an individual, again due to the hue. The positivity derived from being the colour of the rising sun indicates growth and development in doing the things that you love the most.
  • Pride: Orange roses articulate pride. This is in a very positive manner. When you are proud to be associated with someone and have the feeling that the person needs to be appreciated in every way, send some of these roses to him or her. If you are happy with someone for a job well done, orange roses are a good reward for them. An orange rose literally says “I am very proud of you!”
  • Support: People may often go through tough times, and one of the best ways to show support is with these orange blooms. Whether the person is ill, bereaved, or depressed, these radiant blooms will brighten their day, reassure them that someone cares for them and that that person is willing to stay with them throughout their journey. They say share best wishes and encouragement with someone. Who doesn’t want to be supported this way? Conversely, they also say a heartfelt “Thank you.” So if you have some friends, associates, or relatives that have stood by you through thick and thin, go with the orange rose to express your gratitude.
  • Worry: A little negative side to orange roses is that sometimes, they may be used to express worry about a particular person or situation. This may not be totally bad as it is only normal to express concern when something is bothering you. It is a normal human response to a worrisome situation. Here, the person knows the outcome of the situation is likely to be positive, but cannot really help thinking about it. This is one of the far lesser known meanings of the orange rose.

With all the gist discussed, orange roses stand to bring a very positive view to life, and all there is to enjoy in it. It shares delight in friendship and love likewise. Share the excitement and gusto of being in a relationship with your lover with these perfect orange rose blooms. They remain a welcome gift for Valentine’s Day, honeymoon, anniversaries, birthdays, graduation, and a host of other exciting celebrations. Of course, summer and autumn events cannot do without orange roses.

Interior decorations are not left out of the goodness of these roses. They enrich any place they are found. The most popular species of stunning orange rose blooms are Tangerine Jewel and Tangerine Dream. Ensure that your orange rose flower bouquet gets an adequate amount of sunlight for a good number of hours a day. Give just enough amount of water to them.