It is common knowledge that the history of roses dates back to millions of years ago. For centuries, only the pink and the red roses were seen around. However, there are hundreds of species of roses today, with the yellow ones being among popular options.

The History of Yellow Roses

The history of yellow roses dates back to the 18th century, where they were seen to be growing in the wild, in the Middle East territories. Since this wonderful discovery, the power of the yellow roses has been explored, and a variety of species within the yellow colour spectrum have been crossbred by natural, as well as unnatural techniques.

Yellow roses carry a lot of messages and meaning, almost all of which are positive and joyful. They are simple, yet charming in their guise and feel. Therefore, they have become the perfect choice for many holidays and life events. All colour tones from light yellow to the golden yellow, denote a continuum full of abundant joy and optimism.

The Meaning of the Yellow Rose

The practice of using yellow roses dates back to the Victorian era. That tradition has stayed with us up till this day. Yellow roses mean:

  • Friendship: This is among the leading meanings of the flower. There is hardly any better way to express how much you care than to use the yellow rose. The kind of friendship here is free from any strings or attachments, and it expresses that friendship alone, is the ultimate goal of the sender. At this point, do not expect to see the kindled flames of passion, as seen in red roses. However, be sure to experience the warmth that only a sincere and honest heart can provide.
  • Unrestrained joy: This is another connotation of this rose. It goes without saying, that yellow roses are time and again are used to congratulate people who have just achieved a major milestone. They are dished out to just-marrieds, new mothers, graduates, and virtually on any occasion that calls for a great celebration. When next you want to express pride and joy in another person’s accomplishments, consider using these delicate beauties to fully express yourself.
  • Warmth: Just like the sun, yellow roses brighten up the atmosphere, taking away any dull or sullen look. Over the years, yellow roses have been used to lift up the spirits of people who were depressed. It was also used for ill people to wish them a speedy recovery to being well again. The yellow blossoms give life and optimism to people. Give yellow roses to cheer a loved one up, and see the magic it brings.
  • New beginnings: These yellow blooms serve to erase quarrels and loggerheads of the past, and is determined to carve out a new path of understanding and living in peace. This is very refreshing, because the yellow rose tears out mistakes, and facilitates starting on a fresh note or page, thereby firmly burying the past. So, a good time to send these flowers is when there is a misunderstanding between you and someone. The yellow roses will help to appease them and reconcile you both. A few centuries ago when these pleasant yellow buds were discovered, they had a horrible sulfur-like smell. Today, they are among the sweetest smelling flowers. This shows that even the yellow roses themselves, personify new beginnings.
  • Sweet married life: In the context of marriage, yellow roses signify a familiar love that has matured over time. It defines a love that is content with everything and does not seek to achieve unrealistic experiences. A relationship that plays to the tune of its strength, and savours every joy and reward that comes along with it. Couples all over the world share yellow roses to show their steadfast domesticity.
  • Sorrow: This is rather an older meaning of the flower. Sometimes, yellow rose buds are associated with a painful goodbye or farewell. Friends of a deceased person, give yellow roses, because of the strong ties they shared. Including a single rose in the hand bouquet, shows a perpetual love for the departed. While this may seem a little distressing, the good luck message it also carries alleviates some sadness.
  • Infidelity in love: Every good thing in this world, carries with it a potentially unpleasant aspect. Sometimes, yellow rosebuds mean unfaithfulness in love. This was captured in the song, “Yellow Roses” by Dolly Parton. It shows a burning passion between lovers that have faded over time and lost its allure. Sometimes, lovers send yellow roses when all is not well in their relationship.

Having explored the goodness of the yellow flowers, you should be able to know by now, the occasions that yellow roses will highlight best. It should be noted that if you have a love interest and you are seeking to win her over, yellow roses are not the most ideal, as they are more inclined towards friendship.

Yellow roses are perfect for birthdays of friends and relatives, anniversaries, Thanksgiving, weddings, baby showers, graduation, and virtually any occasion that calls for joy and celebration. Yellow roses have become a trusted means of putting smiles on the faces of people, and as such, are held in high regard all over the world. The richness of meaning the yellow rose carries is fully embedded in the shades of the colour yellow, which brings joy, refreshment, and optimism. Share a flower bouquet of yellow roses today!

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