What’s the Difference Between Short and Long Stemmed Roses?

Do you know what long-stemmed roses are? Why do you think that they are so expensive? How to purchase long-stemmed roses on Valentine’s Day? Do these questions sound familiar to you? Are these the inquiries that you have when you are hoping to purchase a single rose or a simple dozen roses? All this can be confusing sometimes. And that is why this article is about all you need to know about the length of roses. These flowers have a long and deep history. Not all roses are born (grown) equal. A rose flower is a sign of medicine, fashion, culture, food, and beauty. It is also a symbol of wealth and love.

Rosa spp. also known as beautiful and fragrant roses have been grown for more than five thousand years. A plant that is most loved by gardeners and romantics, these flashy blossoms have different sizes, shapes, and colors, including stem length. Florists and commercial planters often order roses with long or short stems depending on the purpose of the bouquets. So, let’s take this chance to talk about the popular types of roses.

  • Petite or Sweetheart Roses: the length often ranges from 11.75 to 15.75 inches (about 30 to 40 cm). The diameter of the buds is 0.5 inches and about an inch tall.
  • Short-stem roses: they are sometimes marked as ‘medium stem’. The length is about 15.75 inches (40 cm). The diameter of the buds is commonly an inch and about 1.5 to 2 inches tall. Short-stem roses usually have more scent than other types and they also have fewer thorns, though they aren’t really suitable just as cut flowers. Their stems are not long enough for florists to even think about presenting them in a vase. They are more perfect when combined with other flowers in floral arrangements. The blossoms likewise tend to be smaller than those of popular roses. Short-stem roses are generally types of bush roses. Since they do not require an intensive growing procedure, they will, in general, be cheaper than some other roses mentioned earlier. Short-stemmed roses develop on shrubberies with about 2-3 buds per each rose stem, this weight is the reason the stems don’t grow longer.
  • Medium-stem Roses: the length is around 19.75 inches (50 cm). The diameter of the buds is an inch and about 1.5 to 2 inches tall. The price for medium-stemmed roses, for the most part, is lesser than that of their sister, long-stem roses. Because of their stem length and less troublesome cultivating process, medium-stem roses are a more reasonable alternative for Valentine’s Day or some other special day. The bouquets of medium-stemmed rose often vary, but the normal flower bouquet cost about $45.00 based on the rareness and complicated design of the bouquet.
  • Long-stem Roses: the length is around 23.50 inches (60 cm). The diameter of the buds is commonly 1.5 inches and about 2 to 2.5 inches tall. Long-stemmed roses come from the Hybrid Tea rose species. They were first sold in the 1800s when a unique cross of Hybrid Perpetual rose and the Tea Rose was created. They were a huge success because back then, people had never come across roses that were huge before. The outcome is a marvel, which has been gifted for ages. Since the roses grow on sturdy and tall stems, they are the most widely recognized type of roses utilized by florists and often sold as cut flowers in floral designs.
  • Premium Long-stem Roses: the length is around 27.50 inches or more (70-80 cm). The diameter of the buds is commonly 2 inches and about 2.5 to 3.0 inches tall.

Why are some roses expensive than others?

The rose plant is a kind of shrubbery. It is common for 2-3 rosebuds to grow on one stem, however, this means that the buds will be small and the stem will be short. In order to cultivate roses with large buds and long stems, the commercial growers often prune the additional buds off and leave just one bud on each stem. This will enable the stem and the bud to get the most nutrients and develop into the exotic long-stemmed roses that people love without a doubt. So the longer the stem is, the more work is done and based on the type of the rose, the time of changes. A few roses take over one hundred days to develop! Some roses are grown for their small buds. A lot of manual labor is required to grow these magnificent flowers.

Do you need to always buy the ones with the long stem?

No. There are numerous kinds of roses in the market all year round, and the short-stem roses are also nice! But you should buy long-stem roses if you are searching for the “Oh La-La factor” and “WOW”. Even though small roses are beautiful, they simply don’t have the same visual effect as the long-stem types. The longer the stem length and bigger the buds are, a bigger and taller greater vase is utilized, along with more greens and accent blossoms. Florists have no desire in cutting off most of the stem since roses are sold based on their lengths. The best way to flaunt the magnificence of long-stem roses is to keep the roses as natural as possible! If you want to awe your lover, long-stem roses are the way to go. You can’t go astray with the flowers that reek of wealth and love.

Care for cut roses

Roses are the perfect gifts to make a statement. Their transcending excellence is truly outstanding. They are certain to illuminate any room and are a remarkable accent to any office or home. It is general knowledge that roses have a vase life of about 7 days. It is incredibly easy to make it last longer than that with correct care and a couple of tips that will help extend your blooms’ vase life are:

  • Change the water daily
  • Use flower food
  • Trim the ends each time you change the water

So what is the most ideal way to send roses to your family, friend, or sweetheart? Call a (genuine) nearby florist to discover what your alternatives are and the chances of personalized design. You will be flabbergasted that a rose isn’t just a rose! It recounts a story and conveys your affection to that loved one in your heart.

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