10 Best Kitchen Plants & Flowers in Singapore

The kitchen tends to be the most overlooked space in any home, which is why some kitchens look plain and unattractive. Adding green plants and flowering plants to your kitchen makes the place more enjoyable and pleasing to the eye. Plants are known to help purify the air and reduce air pollutants that are present indoors. From live green plants to flowering plants to herbs and vegetable plants, plants will make the kitchen aesthetically unique and relaxing. If you want to add life and fresh vibes to your kitchen, here is a list of the best kitchen plants and flowers that you can grow easily:

  • Golden Pothos

Golden Pothos are the type of plant that is easy to maintain. This vining plant can be hanged in the kitchen and it can thrive well in moderate to low light. When light hits the leaves, they shine beautifully. Growing Golden Pothos in the kitchen is an easy task, too, because they tell you if they lack water. As long as they are in the best condition, you will enjoy the dramatic cascade of leaves from its basket.

  • Peace Lily

Peace Lily is a flowering plant that can be added into the kitchen’s decoration. Its fresh green leaves and white flowers are sure to make space a little brighter and refreshing. More than the aesthetic appeal that this plant provides, it also helps clean the air and break down the toxin in the air such as carbon monoxide and formaldehyde.

  • English Ivy

English Ivy grows into long vines and dark green leaves, making it an ideal kitchen plant. It requires bright light and some water but it can still survive even in low light conditions. English Ivy plant can be grown in a basket to hang in the kitchen or in pots as floor plant. Similar to other live green plants, English Ivy is also known to freshen up the air and remove toxin and pollutants that may cause illnesses or diseases.

  • Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera grows in partial shade, near the window, under bright light, and in low light. It means that you will never be pressured when you grow Aloe Vera in the kitchen. Aside from that, it also helps clean the air and make the environment fresh and relaxing. If you have this plant in the kitchen, you also have instant access to a whole lot of benefits that Aloe Vera offers.

  • Air Plant

Air Plant is a type of plant that is epiphyte. It means that they can grow without using soil. It only requires bright light, a rock or wood to attach to, and some moisture, and then it is good to grow in the kitchen. Moreover, you can make the plant look aesthetically appealing by placing it in a terrarium or in a glass globe.

  • White Jasmine

White Jasmine is a flowering plant that is ideal to place in the kitchen because of its beautiful white blooms and green leaves and its sweet fragrance that fills the air. Although it requires more bright light, it can also tolerate low light, especially during the cold months. If you want to give your kitchen that natural fresh scent every day, potted white Jasmine plants are a great option.

  • Snake Plant

Snake Plant is a lovely kitchen plant. Its long, slender green and yellow leaves add color and freshness to the kitchen. It can be planted in pots, baskets, glass jar, and vases. For plant lovers, and even for beginners, growing Snake Plant is never a problem because it requires all kinds of light and it can stand extreme weather and high temperature.

  • ZZ Plant

ZZ Plant or Zamioculcas zamiifolia plant is a durable plant that can be grown indoors, even in the kitchen. Its shiny green leaves can add life to your kitchen. Growing ZZ plant in the kitchen is never a problem because it does not require light, humidity, and water. It can tolerate bright and low light, as well as less water, especially in areas with a high level of humidity.

  • Venus Fly Trap

Venus Fly Trap is a carnivorous type of plant, and it feeds on live flies and insects crawling into their leaves. Although it is impossible for the plant to eat all insects in the kitchen, yet it will help in one way or another. Growing Venus Fly Trap in your kitchen is also an easy task because the plant does not require too much attention. You can grow them in pots or in a terrarium.

  • Lavender

Lavender is an ideal kitchen plant because its scent repels insects, flies, and bugs, including mosquitoes. The flowers of Lavender also add attraction to space. Being an easy-to-maintain plant, growing Lavender requires full sun and well-drained soil. Watering can be done minimally, which means that when the soil is dry or almost dry. The flowers of Lavender will bloom beautifully if properly pruned or trimmed.

Plants and flowers, whether live plants or artificial plants, are perfect for the kitchen. It is a good thing that there are hundreds of beautiful plants to choose from, including herbs, vegetables, and flowering plants. You can grow your favorite flowers or herbs so that you have direct access to beautiful blooms or fresh herbs anytime you want. With plants and flowers in the kitchen, space is brighter and the air is cleaner as if you are closer to nature.