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A huge bouquet of flowers would be a lovely gesture of congratulations for a business associate who has just opened a new location. Flowers from a local florist may be the way to go if you want to express your sincere joy.
Why are flower stands so popular, exactly? Launch parties and grand opening celebrations in Singapore aren’t complete without a few flower vendors set up around the area. They are an easy way to inject vibrancy and color into any interior design scheme.
In addition to anniversary dinners and galas, flower stalls are suitable for a wide variety of other events.
Little Flower Hut is the best online florist if you want to order and have delivered gorgeous flower stands. In Singapore, you’ll find a wide variety of flower stands in our online catalog.


Even though sending flowers is a great way to show you care, you should put some thinking into the bouquet you send. 
Here is a basic primer:
Sending someone a flower stand as a gesture of congratulations calls for bright colors like red, pink, and orange. The use of vibrant colors is a simple way to improve one’s disposition. 
Choose more muted tones, such white or light pink, when sending flowers of condolence
You might want to include a handwritten letter to convey your thoughts more effectively. The person you give it to will be overjoyed.


All of Little Flower Hut’s stock comes directly from trusted growers, ensuring the most vibrant hues and fragrant aromas. Providing the most comfortable flower stands to our customers is our top priority. When you place an order on our website right now, we’ll make sure it gets to your door in Singapore without any hassle.

Questions That We Get A Lot


What is the flower on a stand called?

The names of the flowers used in the various arrangements at a flower market can vary greatly. For instance, congratulations flowers would fill a flower display. However, condolence wreath flowers will be displayed on flower stands that have been specially curated to offer your sorrow. 

How do you make a stand for the flowers?

It may take a lot of time and skill to construct a flower stand. Several considerations are needed, from laying a stable foundation to picking the right flowers for the event. Instead of spending hours of your own time making one, you may choose from a variety of flower stands offered by the Little Flower Hut team in Singapore. You can locate the perfect bouquet at one of the many flower stands that have been carefully curated for certain events. 

Where to buy flower stands in Singapore?

Flower stands are typically reserved for grand openings or when attempting to convey deep condolences, whereas bouquets are a safe bet for any event. There is a wide selection of flower stands available at Little Flower Hut. We offer all the colors in the spectrum, from bright for an opening ceremony to quiet for a memorial.  Get same-day delivery anywhere in Singapore when you place an order now!